Son Of A Gun by Cory Gunz

9 September 2019

Peter Cory Pankey, Jr. known by his stage name β€œCory Gunz” is an extremely underrated music artist. Despite his singing to Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records he is not very well known. He has 9 mix tapes that are underground but absolutely brilliant. A great portion of his official music is made of freestyles, which just proves his talent because he can make verses off the top of his head better than most rappers write. Being featured in superstar Dwayne Carter Jr.’s (Lil Wayne) β€œ6 Foot 7 Foot” from his well-known album β€œTha Carte IV.” Cory has great potential in the music industry and has an amazing talent. I personally am a big fan and am proud to say he is my favorite music artist.

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