Sonet Digital Hierarchy Essay Sample

10 October 2017

* Synchronous Optical Networking ( SONET ) is a standardised multiplexing protocol that transportations multiple digital spot watercourses over optical fibre utilizing optical masers or light breathing rectifying tubes ( LEDs ) . SONET was designed by the American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) for the USA populace telephone web in the mid 1980’’s due to the dissolution of AT & A ; T.

With the dissolution. legion regional telephone companies were created and those companies encountered web jobs working together every bit good as entirely. SONET was created as the new criterion for these companies to utilize for their fiber ocular long distance cabling. SONET is similar to the T-1 transmittal service because it is an optical transmittal service and is able to present many informations channels from different beginnings.

SONET is different from T-1 engineering as it uses fiber ocular media every bit good as different bordering techniques than a T-1 transmittal service. SONET besides provides a much higher transmittal capacity than T-1. Some of the advantages provided by SONET are. fibre is really unafraid. fibre has really low spot error rates. fibre is immune to interference. Although SONET has the possible to offer big sums of bandwidth to the terminal user. it is besides really expensive. SONET services cost about 20 % more than other digital services of the same bandwidth. *

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