(Songbook) A Collection of Hits by Trisha Yearwood

Music Magician
Trisha Yearwood: A Collection of Hits
Crazy, love filled, emotions are poured out through music daily. All music pours out emotions – whether country, rap, pop and hip – hop, or jazz. I love listening to music where there is creativity, passion, and life that fly out through the words: songs that pull the listener in and immerse them in a different world, where a story is heard through the music. Trisha Yearwood is one example of a music magician when it comes to weaving stories into her music.
One of her best album examples of this would be her 1997 release – (Songbook) A Collection of Hits. Though the music is great – lyrics creative and the tunes catchy – Trisha Yearwood’s ability to sing out her emotions is what really takes this album to the next level. I knew when the song was sad or when it was happy, not by listening to the words, but listening to the voice. A couple of her hit songs on this album were “She’s in Love with the Boy”, “XXX’s and OOO’s”, and “Walkaway Joe”. My favorite is “XXX’s and OOO’s”. This song is fun and catchy – and the meaning is great. This song talks about letting go and following your dreams, but still remembering all that you come from; all the morals and values that make you who you are.
This album combined new styles of country music with old, as Yearwood has songs on this album that have slow, orchestra – centered music backing her up, and other songs that sound similar to Miranda Lambert. This mix makes for a relaxing listening experience. Songs like “Walkaway Joe” and “The Song Remembers When” break hearts slowly as the story told is painful- falling in love too fast and then getting left behind. Other songs like “She’s in Love With the Boy” create joy and hope as Yearwood sings of everlasting love that has no ends. Yearwood’s album holds a diverse selection of country music that leaves me craving more. Yearwood has released several more albums since her 1997 release and has continued to spread her music throughout the world.

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