Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop

1 January 2020

Stone Temple Pilots (STP) is now on their third album and just like the other two, it is a hit. The latest album, “Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop,” features hit singles such as “Pop’s Love Suicide,” “Big Bang Baby,” and “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart.” Stone Temple Pilots sing alternative rock music. It seems as though their style has changed from their first album. On the first album, “Core,” the majority of the songs seem to be hard rock. The second album, “Twelve Gracious Melodies,” still seems to be hard rock, but a little lighter. “Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop” is quite different and lighter than the first two albums. The voice of Scott Weiland also is different. The Stone Temple Pilots are an excellent band. All three of the albums contain a large number of singles despite the different music. The “Core” album has singles such as “Wicked Garden,” “Creep,” and “Plush.” “Twelve Gracious Melodies” hold singles known as “Vasoline,” “Interstated Love Song” and “Big Empty.” For each album there are many more singles that have been turned into very popular music videos and are constantly played on the radio. The Stone Temple Pilots rock! The band has been excellent from the first album to the latest. The change of music from the original album is unique, but it is all great and enjoyable. The music is a blend of alternative, hard rock and pop. Almost every song is a hit. The unique style of The Stone Temple Pilots is what makes them so good. The group uses a good blend of solo lyrics, solo music, chorus, and a combination of everything

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