8 August 2019

This self-titled album is Sonicflood’s 1999 debut, andsince then the band has influenced the world with their Christian music. Thisain’t old-school worship, though! The

12 tracks are sung and played witha passion for God. Many churches and youth groups use this electric guitar-basedalbum for worship because the lyrics are heartfelt.

Besides great lyrics,the group also comes through with exceptional instrumentals. Some of the greatson this CD are: “The Heart of Worship,” “I Want to Know You,””My Refuge” and “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.” Allthese songs make up for one that isn’t that great. “Something About ThatName,” originally performed by the Gaithers, is boring and long. This songis performed with Kevin Max of dc Talk, and should have been cut, though thelyrics are top-notch.

I hope this one flaw doesn’t keep anyone frombuying “Sonicflood.” It is still worth every penny, and I highlyrecommend it to everyone!

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