”Sonnet 18” by William Shakespeare Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Shakespeare asks. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s twenty-four hours? in his celebrated love verse form. In Sonnet 18 he praises his lover’s beauty in such an amazing manner that makes you desire to be the individual he is in love with. On the other manus he is cognizant of the fact that beauty is non ageless and he is bewildered by the thought. So he tries to happen a manner to do her beauty ageless and resolutenesss in giving this verse form to her. Therefore the chief subject in the verse form Shall I compare thee to a summer’s twenty-four hours? is to capture ageless beauty. In my sentiment. the poem Shall I compare thee to a summer’s twenty-four hours? is a love verse form. The poet is evidently in love with a really beautiful individual. He shows his esteem of her cuteness throughout the verse form.

He exaggerates her beauty by doing an effort to compare it to the lusters of nature such as a Summer twenty-four hours. He tries to do a comparing between his lover and summer and decides that her beauty is beyond comparison. Summer is a lovely season and harmonizing to Shakespeare his dear is superior. Summer is non sufficient plenty to vie with her beauty. which is clear when he says. “Thou art more lovely and more temperate” ? ( Shakespeare line 2 ) He emphasizes the defects of this season. “Rough air currents do agitate the darling buds of May” ( line 3 ) . He besides says that Summer can be excessively hot. “Sometimes excessively hot the oculus of heaven shines” ( line5 ) . These mistakes in a Summer twenty-four hours support the thought that her beauty is unflawed unlike Summer. Despite the difference between them. Summer and Shakespeare’s lover’s beauty portion one common characteristic.

Both Summer and Shakespeare’s beloved one’s beauty are non lasting. Soon seasons alteration and Autumn takes off all the beauty of Summer. Shakespeare complains of summer being excessively short. “And summer’s rental hath all excessively short a date” ( line 4 ) . He says all the nice things come to an terminal. “And every carnival from just sometimes declines” ( line 6 ) . Because of the manner nature works he fears that his lover will lose her beauty excessively. She will age and finally die and her beauty will melt off. The thought of losing such a great beauty is unacceptable for the poet and he rebels against it. He says that her alone beauty shall non melt. He says summer can come and go through but her beauty will be everlasting “But thy ageless summer shall non fade” ( line 9 ) . Metaphor is used here ; the ageless summer is his darling one’s beauty. Shakespeare besides says that she will non lose her beauty and decease will non be able to take away her luster in lines 10 and 11. “Nor lose ownership of that just 1000 ow’st ; /Nor shall decease crow wand ‘rest in his shade” .

The poet immortalizes his darling one’s beauty. He keeps her alive by utilizing his lines “When in ageless lines to Time thou grow’st” ( line 12 ) . The poet believes that every bit long as his love verse form is remembered the luster of his lover will be remembered every bit good. He writes. “ So long as work forces can take a breath. or eyes can see/So long lives this and this gives life to thee ( lines 13. 14 ) . All in all. in my sentiment the chief subject in this verse form is to capture infinite beauty. Shakespeare describes his lover as if she is godly. Her beauty is uncomparable. Even Summer is non sufficient plenty to be a rival. She is immortalized with his lines. She still breaths through his words. As I write this essay speaking about his lover’s Godhead beauty five hundred old ages after he has written the verse form Shall I compare thee to a summer’s twenty-four hours? I fell that he has accomplished commemorating his darling one.

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