Sony Mobile Communications Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Sony Mobile Communications AB ( once Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB ) is a transnational Mobile phone fabricating company headquartered in London. United Kingdom and a entirely owned subordinate of Sony Corporation. It was founded on October 1. 2001 as a joint venture between Sony and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson. Sony acquired Ericsson’s portion in the venture on February 16. 2012. Sony Mobile Communications has research and development installations in Lund. Sweden ; Tokyo. Japan Beijing. China and Silicon Valley. United States. In 2009. it was the fourth-largest nomadic phone maker in the universe. By 2010. its market portion had fallen to sixth topographic point.


In the United States. Ericsson partnered with General Electric in the early 1890ss. chiefly to set up a US presence and trade name acknowledgment. Ericsson had decided to obtain french friess for its phones from a individual beginning a Philips installation in New Mexico. In March 2000. a fire at the Philips mill contaminated the unfertile installation.

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Philips assured Ericsson and Nokia ( their other major client ) that production would be delayed for no more than a hebdomad. When it became clear that production would really be compromised for months. Ericsson was faced with a serious deficit. Nokia had already begun to obtain parts from alternate beginnings. but Ericsson’s place was much worse as production of current theoretical accounts and the launch of new 1s was held up. Ericsson. which had been in the nomadic phone market for decennaries. and was the world’s 3rd largest cellular telephone French telephone shaper. was fighting with immense losingss.

This was chiefly due to this fire and its inability to bring forth cheaper phones like Nokia. To restrict the losingss. it considered outsourcing production to Asiatic companies that could bring forth the French telephones for lower cost Speculation began about a possible sale by Ericsson of its Mobile phone division. but the company’s president said it had no programs to make so. “Mobile phones are truly a nucleus concern for Ericsson. We wouldn’t be as successful ( in webs ) if we didn’t have phones” . he said. Sony was a fringy participant in the worldwide mobile phone market with a portion of less than 1 per centum in 2000. By August 2001. the two companies had finalised the footings of the amalgamation announced in April. The company was to hold an initial work force of 3. 500 employees. Operationss

In 2009 Sony Ericsson announced that it was traveling its North American central office from Research Triangle Park. North Carolina to Atlanta. The central offices move was portion of a program to cut down its work force. so 10. 000 employees. by 20 % . As of that twelvemonth Sony Ericsson had 425 employees in Research Triangle Park ; the staff had been reduced by 100s due to layoffs. Stacy Doster. a interpreter of Sony Ericsson. said that the propinquity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s flights to Latin America and the operations of AT & A ; T Mobility influenced the determination to travel the USA central office. Sony Ericsson will shut the Research Triangle site.


* The BRAVIA-branded line of phones. launched 2007 in the Nipponese market merely. Until now. five BRAVIA branded phones have been produced. Sony Ericsson ( FOMA SO903iTV. FOMA SO906i. U1. S004. and S00 ) uses the BRAVIA trade name. BRAVIA branded phone are able to demo 1seg tellurian telecasting.

* The XPERIA scope of nomadic phones. heralded by the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 in February 2008 at the Mobile World Congress ( once 3GSM ) held in Barcelona Spain. was the first hallmark promoted by Sony Ericsson as its ain and is designated to supply technological convergence among its mark user base. The first theoretical account. X1. carried the Windows Mobile runing system with a Sony Ericsson’s panel interface. The Xperia X10 theoretical account features the Android operating system. Additionally. Yahoo! News reported that Sony would aline with Google to run Android on its approaching smartphone. Former

* The Walkman-branded W series music phones. launched in 2005. The Sony Ericsson W-series music phones are noteworthy for being the first music-centric series Mobile phones. motivating a new market section for portable music that was developing at the clip. The chief characteristic that can be seen in all of these Walkman phones is they all have a ‘W’ button. which when pressed opens the media Centre. Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones have once been commercially endorsed by dad stars Christina Aguilera and Jason Kay across Europe. Walkman branded phones are besides produced for the Nipponese market.

* The Cyber-shot-branded line of phones. launched in 2006 in newer theoretical accounts of the K series phones. This scope of phones are focused on the quality of the camera included with the phone. Cyber-shot phones ever include a flash. some with a xenon flash. and besides include auto-focus cameras. Sony Ericsson kicked off its planetary selling run for Cyber-shot phone with the launch of ‘Never Miss a Shot’ . The run featured top female tennis participants Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova . On February 10. 2008. the series has been expanded with the proclamation of C702. C902 and C905 phones. Cyber-shot branded phones are besides produced for the Nipponese market. * The UIQ smartphone scope of Mobiles. introduced with the P series in 2003 with the debut of P800. They are noteworthy for their touch screens. QWERTY computer keyboards ( on most theoretical accounts ) . and usage of the UIQ interface platform for Symbian OS. This scope has since expanded into the M series and G series phones. * The GreenHeart scope of nomadic phones. foremost introduced in 2009. heralded by the Sony Ericsson J105i Naite and C901 GreenHeart. It is focused on an environmentally friendly subject. but still featured with recent nomadic engineering and multimedia capableness. It chiefly uses eco-friendly stuffs and characteristics eco-apps.

Gross saless and market portion
Calendar year| Unit gross revenues ( 1000000s ) |
2004| 42|
2005| 50|
2006| 74. 8|
2007| 103. 4|
2008| 96. 6|
2009| 57. 1|
2010| 43. 1|
2011| 34. 4|

Operating income ? 206 million ( 2011 )
Net income – 247 million ( 2011 )

Social media
During 2010. in 11 months. Sony Ericsson’s Facebook fan count rose from 300. 000 to 3. 9 million to go the 40th-largest trade name on the societal networking site. The company aims to capitalize on this fanbase and increase battle by profiling these fans and fiting them to give content. It will besides analyze the top commenters on the Facebook page and guarantee battle through particular content and offering these fans the opportunity to see Sony Ericsson offices. Sports sponsorship

As of 2011. Sony Ericsson sponsors the UEFA Champions League and the Sony Ericsson Open tennis tourney in Miami. Harmonizing to the caput of planetary selling partnerships Stephan Croix. “our athletics sponsorships allow us to advance our phones in a subtle and reliable manner to our fanbase. Our promise to fans is to enrich their experience during the game but besides earlier and after. ”

Environmental record
Sony Ericsson ranks 6th out of 15 taking electronics shapers in Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics that assesses companies’ policies on clime and energy. sustainability and how green their merchandises are. The company scores 4. 2/10 and is one of the top scorers in the Products class. deriving maximal points for the energy efficiency of its phones and making good for its turning away of risky substances in its merchandises. In June 2009. Sony Ericsson launched its first GreenHeart series device. the C901. which indirectly emits 15 % less CO2 during its fiction and use. compared to other SE phones. It is besides packed in a little box without paper manual. includes an eco-charger. and its screen is made of recycled plastic.

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