The Times School

For higher studies, select The Times School for its academic and its well known curriculum. I had chosen ‘Management’ background with Computer Science, Accounting, Business Mathematics as well as English as my subjects. I had 76. 4 % in the first year. Similarly, class twelve had 69. 2% in aggregate 72. 80% with first division. I had chance to utilize my theoretical and practical knowledge which led me to become a program organizer of Times school. got golden opportunities to organize program and helped me to gain xtra knowledge about management.

I was really impressed as I wanted to pursue my field of interest i. e. BBA. I opt ACU as an appropriate college for me as wanted to acquire a foreign degree and I find this university is one of the best in Australia. am hopeful that, this decision would give me apple opportunity to consolidate my creative energies and harness my tech nical aptitude. look forward to a career in business and management where cannot only use my academic background to achieve my goals also native contributions to y field of interest.

I have faith that this course would provide me with opportunities to attend advanced courses and would be the steeping-stone my career in BBA. Moreover, this university not only suits my interest but also advanced academic curriculum and world-class groups, where I can allocate new experience for my career. I believe that it is the best environment for me to obtain my goals while gaining experience and exposure to a diverse student body and faculty.

Summarizing all writing above, I believe that my solemn concern for study, my certifications and strong academic background will be beneficial for my undergraduate studies. Attending your prestigious institution would give me an opportunity of receive high-level education under the guidance of prominent professors and excellent teachers. would regard my admission to TAFE not only as a great honor but also a great responsibility and challenge to prove myself. Thank you for your time and consideration. High Regards Sonam Ghising Lama.

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