Sop- Ma International Relations

4 April 2017

An intense interest in political sciences has always been a trademark of mine. As I grew up, I saw my grandfather fighting for the rights of the backward classes, so since early childhood I got used to the sounds of disputes on public affairs and Indian politics, in which later I took part myself. Someday I grew to challenge my parents and win, using my own rules of logic and argument, in spite of their influence on my theories about national and world politics. During high school and college, I searched for my identity; I looked at many possible career paths.

I found that International Relations perfectly matches my personality and goals, and gives me the ability to fulfill my lifelong dream of making a significant impact on our society. I believe that God has molded me into the type of individual who cares strongly about his surroundings, and cannot be happy unless he is impacting those around him in a positive way.

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This conviction is deeply rooted in my everyday routine and in my overall life. I want to touch the lives of as many people as I can.

To help you understand my current goals better, I would like to explain my educational experience up to this point. While studying I was interested in Indian foreign policy, my research work was devoted to the Indian politics and the effects of it globally. The first course paper with the review of the film Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi set during the most formative years of India’s democracy. Set in the 70’s against the backdrop of the Emergency of 1975-77 when India was undergoing major social and political changes. It dealt with aspirations of the youth during the years of transition.

During that semester I also published a paper on “economics of the Indo-US nuclear deal. ” Here I argued that the Indo-US nuclear deal will help India come out of nuclear isolation and work in the world environment as a responsible advocate of use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. During my education I had different experiences connected to International Organizations. I was lucky to take part in Model United Nations organized by various colleges in Mumbai. I was a reporter, at the HR international MUN for the Historic Security Council discussing the Cuban Missile Crisis.

At the St. Xavier’s College MUN, I was a delegate of the Republic of South Africa which was discussing the topic “Terrorism v/s Terrorist” during which we used the Prof. Alex Schmid’s definition of terrorism for our discussions, which was also adopted by the Supreme Court of India in 2003. Participation in the Model United Nations broadened my perspective of the working of International Organizations. Into college, I continued learning and finding myself. I participated in numerous extracurricular activities, I was the chairperson of the St.

Xaviers college mass media festival, I coached the Kerala state yachting team, became a member of the Yachting association of India council committee and climbed Sar Pass, height of 13,800ft, all while attending college at St. Xaviers. Guiding the Kerala state youth team to their first ever National championship, I realized the fruits of my labor. Guiding four children ranging from 8 to 13 to successfully compete with the best in the nation brought me a great sense of accomplishment. When the last of the children finished the races, I realized it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

I realized that my ability to motivate others could lead to great achievements. International relations will definitely enable me to continue to find such opportunities. As time passes and my aspirations become reality, I envision myself impacting whole cities or states or countries. In terms of career, my goals are to teach Political Science and International Relations, conduct research projects, and publish results of the projects. I also want to pursue a career as an analyst of International Relations.

To achieve my aims means to become a specialist with high qualifications. The St. Xaviers College has offered me an excellent education, and St. Xaviers College has given me great opportunities to exercise my dreams. However, I believe that I would gain more from attending a bigger, more global institution. I find the atmosphere very competitive and exciting. The facilities, scholarship, and traditions of your university, combined with the caliber of the student’s body, make me confident that I will be stimulated throughout the course of my studies.

I know that attending University of St. Andrews will provide me with the educational foundation to fully realize my professional and personal goals. I hope to make an important difference in society; St. Andrews will provide me the opportunity. Being at St. Andrews, I know I will influence the world. In conclusion I must say that I would regard my being admitted to the graduate program not only as a great honor but more as a high responsibility and obligation of hard work.

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