Sorrell Ridge

2 February 2017

The different promotion channels include: newspaper advertising, coupon books and also fee tasting in the retail store. Last but not the least, Sorrell Ridge can join the trade show in California to encourage retailer demand. While, after a strong push promotion strategy, Sorrell Ridge should have established their demanding customers which can help them move to the next phase.

In this phase, since Sorrell Ridge has already gained some market shares, it is better for them to use the pull strategy which involves motivating customers to seek out Sorrell Ridge’s brand and ask for supply.In order to so, Sorrell Ridge should enhance its advertising and mass media promotion. Besides this, Sorrell Ridge should pay more attention to the customer relationship management in order to improve its product and increase the customer satisfaction and get word of mouth referrals from customers. The first year marketing program helps the push-pull promotion strategy in the California’s market. Partner with the second largest retailer in south California Bromar can help Sorrell Ridge sell its product directly to the end customers.The competitors were planning to launch their products in South California at the same time. If SR moved slowly, it might lose the market, because 44% customers were single brand users.

Sorrell Ridge Essay Example

2) SR had no budge cushion for failure. This program could help SR to understand the market of west region, which is new to SR, and secure a higher success rate, because the broke would customize SR’s merchandising and marketing plans. For example, the broker suggested launching boysenberry conserve in California due to its popularity. SR needed to sell around 96,000 cases to make an even.

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