Soul Catcher

7 July 2016

Augustus Cain is the main character in Soul Catcher by Michael White. Cain can be recognized as a good man in many ways during his expeditions as a slave catcher. He is caring and respects all people, specifically Joseph and Rosetta. When with Rosetta, he demonstrates a protective instinct at times. Cain’s knowledge of travel and ways to wander were for the protection and safety of his crew. Through his wise and virtuous decisions, Cain can be portrayed as a good person. Cain showed self-respect and cared about many of the people he met in his life.

Though his occupation was slave catching, it did not make him a bad person. Cain only did it because he was good at it. When it came time to interact with a slave, he would not be violent or cruel. The first slave Cain encountered on his journey with Preacher was Joseph. Preacher was very mean and cruel; he even cut the boy’s ear off. Cain on the other hand was the opposite. He was very calm when it came to talking with the boy. In the following scene Preacher tortures Joseph but Cain steps in to help, “The boy just stared at him.

Soul Catcher Essay Example

Cain released the rope that held the gag, then he reached into his pocket and took out his flask. He unscrewed the top and put it to the boy’s lips, which were swollen and bloody from Preacher’s blows. He swallowed a little, then began coughing” (White 57). This passage exemplifies Cain’s ability to see past the color of someone’s skin. Cain’s care for Rosetta is very prominent towards the end of the novel. In the following scene, Cain comforts Rosetta, “Of all things he imagined her asking, the one he didn’t expect was the one she asked. ‘Would you hold me? ’ He stared down at her for a moment.

Then removed his holster and put it on the bureau, started to lie down on top of the covers” (White 348). This shows Cain’s ability to comfort someone when they truly need it. Though his occupation made him out to be a cruel man, Cain’s actions made up for it. Along with Cain’s ability to care and comfort, he demonstrated a protective instinct over Rosetta. There were many times that she tried to protect him, but Cain looked after her like a mother bear and its cub. Though Rosetta was a runaway and he had to bring her back without being harmed, he did his best to keep her safe because he cared about her.

Cain made a bold decision when dealing with the blackbirder’s when they took Rosetta away and he went to go get her back, “As he went for his gun with his left hand, Cain lunged forward with the hatchet, swinging in a short, vicious stroke, as if he were splitting a piece of ironwood kindling. The hatchet caught the man at the hairline, and the blade settled deep into his blade” (White 294). This shows that Cain would even risk his life for Rosetta. There was one main instance that shows his watchfulness, that being his decision to not return Rosetta.

Cain decided to bring her out west to Ohio because it would be safer. He soon decided to send her up to Canada because it was to risky going west. These actions show that Cain wanted to protect the life of Rosetta and her child. Cain defines his genuine character by always finding ways to protect his crew. When they rest during their travels, Cain is the one to come up with the next day’s route to be prepared for any bad encounters. He attempted to avoid main roads to keep them away from other the abolitionists that are after them.

When he first encounters the blackbirders, he made a vital decision when it came to their travels. They ask if Cain and his friends would want to ride along with them back to Virginia. Cain knows about the history of the blackbirders and declines their offer even after being pressured by Preacher. Cain was not only looking out for his crew members, but also Rosetta. This goes back to the point of protecting her and caring for her. In the beginning of the novel, Eberly said to Cain, “’Rosetta. And mind you, Cain, I don’t want so much as a hair on her head to be harmed.

Do I make myself clear? ’” (White 18). Though he may have failed at keeping her away from harm, he gave an arm and a leg in the effort he showed. Cain’s awareness was used to his advantage when it came to protecting himself, Rosetta, and especially his crew members. The palpability of Cain’s character his revealed in many ways throughout the story. His carefulness, his defensive instinct over Rosetta, and his knowledgeable ways to look out for his friends all show that Cain was a good person. Though he may have messed up along the way, his intentions were always strong and true.

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