”Soul Food” Film Essay Sample

Have you of all time wondered why ma wants everyone to come over for Sunday dinner? In this paper I will portion the beauty of holding Sunday dinner with the household and how of import it is to maintain it traveling. Here I will demo you a household about falls apart until it is saved by love. understanding and good cookery. Most Sunday dinners are gathered around plentifulness of nutrient and a clump of love. The film I have chosen is “Soul Food” . The ground I choose this film is because it shows us how difficult it is for households to remain together. but through much love and supplication all things are possible for those who believe. This movie is a jubilation of life and household. and acknowledgment that. through good times and bad times. the ties of blood provide an unbreakable life-line.

Now I will give you a brief sum-up of the film. The narrative is told through the eyes of Big Mama’s grandson Ahmad ( Brandon Hammond ) . Soul Food tells the narrative of the tests of the Joseph household when their beloved materfamilias. Mama Joe ( Irma P. Hall ) . slips into a diabetes-induced coma. Without Mama Joe’s ritual Sunday dinners to maintain everyone together. the household begins to float apart. with spreads widening between sisters and partners. The movie basically follows the lives of Mama Joe’s three girls. Terri ( Vanessa L. Williams ) . the eldest. is a goaded attorney who puts work above her ignored hubby. Miles ( Michael Beach ) . Miles is tempted off from his steady. well-paying occupation by the enticement of his true love. music. and off from his married woman by the proffered appeals of Terri’s cousin. Faith ( Gina Ravera ) . Maxine ( Viveca Fox ) is merrily married to Kenny ( Jeffrey D. Sams ) . and spends her yearss caring for her hubby and three kids. Bird ( Nia Long ) is freshly hitched to ex-con Lem ( Mekhi Phifer ) . an intense. caring adult male whose volatile pique frequently proves to be his undoing.

I will get down out with storytelling ; this film is narrated through the eyes of an African American kid. The storyteller tells the narrative of his grandma. and her four girls. Soul Food trades with the grandmother’s battle to continue African American civilization and tradition in her four girls and grandchildren. The four girls are modern twenty-four hours adult females who face the challenge of keeping on to this cultural tradition after the grandma dies. Furthermore. the storyteller faces the challenge of transporting on his grandmother’s wants to do certain that civilization and tradition are preserved within that household. The film is in chronological order because it starts out the grandma isn’t sick. Then as the film moves goes on she acquire ill and dies. The film takes topographic point in Chicago. The biggest struggle in this film is acquiring all the sisters to acquire along with each other. The struggle is eventually resolved when the mamma dies. That is one ground to hold Sunday dinner with your household and maintain holding them every bit long as you can. You ne’er know when person you are eating following excessively merely might non do the following Sunday.

I will go on to look at the storytelling side of the film. The chief character that experienced an internal struggle was Mother Joe. The struggle was that she was truly ill and she had a really difficult clip stating her childs. This film have many symbols while watching “Soul Food. ” I reflected that in many ways it depicts a universe which white audiences will happen unfamiliar. Oh. Large Mama’s household portions the same sorts of values. jobs. concerns. successes and failures as Whites. But films and Television frequently focus merely on a narrow cuneus of black America. demoing procurers and drug addicts. criminal adolescents and con work forces. but disregarding the huge and significant Afro-american center and working categories.

The following portion of my paper I will present you to the histrions. The first 1 I will state you approximately is Vanessa Williams as Teri is one of the most well-thought-of and multi-faceted performing artists in amusement today. She has conquered the musical charts. Broadway. music picture. telecasting and gesture images. I would state the sort of histrion she would be considered is a star. Another star histrion is Vivica A. Fox as Maxine she is of Native American and African American descent and is proud of her heritage. The other star histrion is Nia Long as Bird is an exceeding actress and devoted altruist.

This three-time NAACP winner’s calling spans genre and audience. I think the type of moving was pragmatism. because all throughout the film it was things that happen in existent life. Star power besides helped acquire Soul Food into production. Kenny ( “Baby face” ) Edmonds. one of the most powerful figures in the music industry–he has penned hits for Madonna. Toni Braxton and others–produced it with his married woman Tracey. Mother Joe ( Irma P. Hall ) is warm. loving. doomed. She has an eldritch gift for seeing right to the bosom of her family’s strengths and failings. and serving out steadfast advice. religious sometimes and practical ever. All of the histrions in this film were moving in a pragmatism manner. and I will impute all of their public presentation to the manager. The ground for this is because the film was made in harmonizing to his life.

Traveling on to cinematography portion of this film. what comes to mind when I look back at the film. The nutrient was a large portion of the mise en scene and the camera revealed it throughout the full film. As it states in our text book technically. lighting is a portion of the mise nut scene. whether or non a camera is on the set ( such as with unrecorded theatre ) . However. it is the focussing of light onto a light-sensitive emulsion on movie. or electronic detector in a picture camera. that makes possible the recording of a photographic image. The type of illuming that was used in the movie was Low–key illuming and level lighting. Now when it comes to the colour in the movie it was impregnation and technicolor a engineering that produced rich. vivid. hyper–realistic colourss. Most of the camera distance and angles where medium shooting at oculus degree. The focal length that is used in the movie was a short focal–length lens besides takes in a broad field of position than a normal lens and is sometimes called a wide–angle lens. I would state the camera is nonsubjective because it is recorded as it appears. I don’t recall many if any particular effects in the film.

Looking along at the redaction of this film. The text tells us Effective redaction is sometimes called “invisible” redacting. The type of passage that was used in the film I chose was a standard rub. merely as it implies. expressions on the screen like one shooting is “wiped” off the screen by another shooting. whether from side to side. exceed to bottom. or diagonally. In the film it was a batch of cutting back and Forth from histrion to actor in close–up. and so in two–shots and long shootings. the redaction makes it look as if the audience is seeing a uninterrupted conversation from get downing to stop.

The illustration of this sort of coverage in a polar scene. immature Ahmad goes to see Big Mama. and in a subdued. unemphasized manner. seems to pass on telepathically. ( He agrees with her about programs for the garden. even though she of class can non speak. ) Later. in the film’s shutting sequence. it is Ahmad who understands Big Mama’s desires for the household. and brings them about through some underhand planning of his ain. Continuity redaction was a large portion in this film because I know that cutting to a new camera place would confound the audience. Not one clip during this film did I acquire confused? When it comes down to the beat of this film as it states in our text. redacting can heighten the beat of a sequence when the image is cut to fit beats in the soundtrack. whether it’s the background music ( particularly in music picture ) . the sound effects. or lines of duologue. The beat was both slow and fast gesture. In the scene when Big Mama dies it’s slow. because we had to see the looks on her girl’s faces.

That brings us down to the sounds in the film. Dialogue was present in this film when the 3rd sister. Bird ( Nia Long ) . is a immature cosmetician whose former fellow wants to entice her off from her new hubby ( Mekhi Phifer ) . Sound consequence begins at the jubilant marrying party for this twosome. where a harpy that the heroines call ”that hootchy-cootchy mama” shows up to make a wild dance with the groom. The music is presented by Kenneth ( Babyface ) Edmonds as its executive manufacturer and occupant songster. channels along to a mark full of soft harmoniousnesss. with Boyz II Men and En Vogue among those featured on the soundtrack. The music has the same pleasant consequence as the dinner. It appears at the party and while Large Mama is in the infirmary. I want to portion some of the film manner and the directing of the film. As directed easy but solidly by George Tillman Jr. . who wrote the movie while pulling on his ain experience of a big and closely knit household. ”Soul Food” plays loosely to the audience without wholly losing touch with world. I feel the manager point of position is really apparent. because the playing is more credible. the plot line is more true to life. and the characters are more sympathetic. The manager is stating us a memorable narrative that profoundly resonated in the Black Marias and heads of motion-picture fans. touching on the subjects of household bonds and traditions.

Now I will take you to the social impact that Soul Food has had on my life. I truly can’t say that it makes me experience like I am get awaying my day-to-day life. The film has taught me that no affair what your household is confronting you can do it. The film did hold scene that was cut out from the original. Example is when they were dancing at the party. The lone controversial in the film that I can believe of is pigeonholing all black people to eating psyche nutrient. Soul nutrient is a manner and a manner of cooking that every civilization can bask. The genre that this movie fits is comedy and play. This film was full of play particularly when all the sisters get together for dinner. It goes from play to comedy when they are dancing and express joying together.

In my decision of this paper I have shared the beauty of holding household over for Sunday dinner. The film Soul Food had so many great characteristics about it that you did non cognize if you wanted to express joy or shout. I have given you the storytelling. moving. filming. and redacting side of Soul Food. Soul Food explored the adversities and tests of black household life. and through the characters. puting. and subject of both the narrative and the movie. the issue of category and the hunt for community. Take clip to love on your household. because we ne’er know who might non do it to the following Sunday dinner.


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