Soul Sphere(2015) by Born Of Osiris

8 August 2019

Mark this as the third Djent release this year that I’ve reviewed. Anyway, alot can be said when it comes to the great old pal of Born of Osiris. These guys are a progressive metalcore/deathcore or djent band that has had a cult following since the beginning but really started to blow up in 2011 with the release of The Discovery. Since then, I hear, it’s been going downhill for them. But maybe they’re is something interesting in Soul Sphere.
Soul Sphere is surprisingly shorter than I would’ve imagined, well at least the tracks are. I would have expected at least one or two 5-6 minute tracks in here because with the syncopated atmosphere they’re able to accomplish, they could have pulled it off within that amount of time. There is constant syncopation of the notes in here by the way, in a way that makes it seem a bit cluttered and hard to follow. Also with that, alot of the main riffs seem remarkably similar to each other that it will be hard to differentiate, and those are really the biggest problems here. As for the positives: it does use some nice sound effects to give a very small break through the madness, the vocal styles, while not all my favorites are handled well and done diversity other than growling, there are orchestrated parts in the background that are relatively faint for the most part but do shine through sometimes and sound cool. The atmosphere is handled nicely, as it should, with thanks to synths, keyboards and some of the djenting that is in the album. The positives outweigh the negatives so right now it is sitting at a C+ grade which isn’t all that bad. Let’s see what else we have, well the short length could somewhat help people to help get into the band but that’s more of a personal preference if you think about it. It isn’t considered a magnum opus but it could help people see even better the talent of what they believe that would be( common favorite is The Discovery though). Also it could introduce people trying to get into the genre its self because well, Born of Osiris is one of the popular Djent bands actually. Now it’s time to find out the final grade….
I give this album an 8.5/10. I’m the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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