In 2013, 36-year-old rapper Fabolous released the third and final mixtape of his trilogy, ‘ The Soul Tape 3’. From his smooth talking, to love, to talking about real life, this mixtape has been very satisfying. Every song, from beginning to end has so many meanings, giving people different things to relate to. The way Fabolous puts his words together, makes his style flow so fluently, sending love through your ears, which makes it so nice to listen to his music.

Fabolous sends different tones through each track. From ‘Thim Slick’ talking about his love for women, to talking about real life in track #2 ‘Sacrifices’. Having so many different tones throughout a mixtape makes it much more enjoyable because you have a song for a different mood, instead of listening to the same thing each time. I feel as though you have something to look forward to on each track.

My favorite song on this mixtape would have to be, ‘Everything was the same’. Fabolous talks real stuff throughout this song, which makes me enjoy it so much. I love the verse when he says, “cant trust nobody, the crib is heavy gated. You ask, ‘why?’ I tell them even heaven’s gated. You know why? Cause when you good the devil hate it”. What Fabolous means by this is, Fabolous doesn’t trust anyone, even heaven keeps people out. Also saying people (devil) doesn’t want to see you succeed; they want you to do badly in life. That verse is the truth, which allows it to let me and others relate to it.

Another great song would have to be ‘Thim Slick’. A rather slower song, but the way Fabolous talks so smooth throughout this song will make you fall in love with it. Fabolous talks about women in this song and how he’s in love with her body and everything on her looks fine, every curve and every flaw is perfect to him. Fabolous states, “That body perfect in my eyes. No matter what they say, everything looking just right. You got that blessing in disguise, you wouldn’t know it, girl you got me”. He is simply saying regardless if she thinks her body is bad, it’s perfect to him. She’s a blessing from God in disguise that nobody else notices but him and she doesn’t know it but he’s already fallen for her deeply. Everything he says in this song is so admiring and passionate. I think any girl who listens to this song would love it because everything he says is so right on and perfect. Any male who listens to this song could relate because their love for women.

Track #11 ‘Situationships’ everyone could relate to because at some point everyone has or will experience situationships, meaning being in an unhealthy relationship and stuff going wrong in the relationship. This song is a love/real life song because he states real life situations that happen in your relationships. The slow beat with him rapping makes it easy to listen to and his words stream so nicely it’s impossible for you not to sit there and listen to every word he’s saying and just vibe to it. “We got everybody fooled, but I think the kids could tell. That the situation aint the best it aint the worst, it’s been times that I felt like this, it aint my first. That alone got me like try harder, or why bother.” Fabolous means, they do a good job of making everyone think their good but people in the mix realize it. The situation is familiar to Fabolous, sometimes he wants to try harder and fight for her and at other times he just wants to give up on everything. Anyone with situationships could relate to it , and if you haven’t experienced situationships you could listen to this song and know what could be expected in relationships.

This mixtape makes it so easygoing for anyone to enjoy it and in some type of way you will be able to relate to it. Starting from track #1-12 you will hear Fabolous talk real about ANYTHING opening from real life, love, and women. If you like listening to music that speaks about real matter and not just bumbo jumbo, ‘The Soul Tape 3’ is the mixtape for you, and I guarantee you for 45 minutes listening from start to end you will enjoy every single second of it.

Mixtape Rating: 9/10

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