Sound The Alarm

10 October 2019

First of all, I would like to say that I have been a Saves The Day fan since the moment I was introduced to alternative music. Their brand of emo/pop punk – with light and bubbly, but powerful, instrumentals backing up sometimes disturbing lyrics – is catchy and fresh. A few years ago, however, I lost interest in them when they released “In Reverie,” which seemed too far from where they had started. It wasn’t them. I expected every album thereafter to be just as disappointing, but their most recent, “Sound The Alarm,” changed all that for me and ultimately saves Saves The Day.

Once again, the guys in Saves the Day have reinvented themselves, but this time, they have held onto their roots. They have produced a new sound that’s still familiar, a sound that Saves The Day fans can relate to. Whether you loved any of their past albums or are new to their music, you’re sure to find something to love. Steve Evetts, who also produced their first two albums, obviously had a lot to do with bringing Saves The Day back to their punk roots.

Sound The Alarm Essay Example

“Sound the Alarm” begins with “Head for the Hills” and ends with “Hell is Here,” and every song in between is incredible. There are powerful bass lines by Manny Carrero (a former Glassjaw member), infectious guitar chords, strong drumming, catchy choruses, and melodic verses throughout. The lyrics here sound more like Saves The Day’s older material: graphic, disturbing, and full of meaning. Although with this album they’ve remembered their origins and shamelessly displayed it throughout, one can tell that this is a new era for these musicians. The combination of new and old meshes perfectly to create something completely out of this world, yet still tangible and within grasp not only for fans but for anyone who enjoys good music.

“Sound The Alarm” has all the ingredients of an excellent album: a cup of punk, a tablespoon of emo/pop, a dash of anger, and a whole lot of heart. Recommending that you rush out to get this album is the least I can say; rush out and buy all their albums! Compare and contrast, and experience the delicious result of over a decade of making music.

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