Soviet Government Subsystems

4 April 2015
Examines goals, success & downfall of autocratic leaders from Lenin through Yeltsin, focusing on their reigns’ political & economic subsystem.

In 1990, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics officially disbanded. Since 1990, the Soviet Union has passed into a short-lived commonwealth and finally into a region of independent states still in large part influenced by Russian hegemony in economic development, size, and communications. The Soviet Army is disbanded, and occupation troops no longer keep order in Eurasia, but an ever-weakening Belarus applied for reunion, and Chechnia found that bombs are still the classic Russian answer to dissidence.

The Soviet Union may have passed, but the Soviet system remains. It is not a political system; rather, it is and was an intrinsically Russian system of autocratic rule (Lowenhardt 52-53). Styled Soviet by the Bolsheviks in 1917, it was the natural 20th century evolution of Czarist Russia. Its current..

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