Soy and Cancer

4 April 2015
A proposal for a research study to examine the the effects of soy based diets for cows that will be consumed by humans.

This paper discusses the role of soybean consumption in cancer prevention. A review of the relevant literature on the anti carcinogenic activity of soybeans is presented. A proposal for a research study to determine the effects on cancer prevention of providing a soy-rich diet for cattle used for human consumption is offered.
“Soybeans are used for human consumption as well as animal consumption. It is put through a heat process so that the nutritional value is enhanced. “The so-called protease inhibitors have received the most attention in this regard and have been shown to exert their antinutritional effect in the short term by causing pancreatic hypertrophy and hyperplasia in the rat, the underlying cause for an inhibition of growth in these animals(Liener, 2000). The prolonged feeding of raw soy flour or an enriched trypsin inhibitor fraction from soybeans to rats results in the development of hyperplastic and neoplastic nodules of the pancreas, including carcinomas(Liener, 2000). It should be emphasized that all of these adverse effects are seen when protease inhibitors are present in relatively high concentrations in the diet and may be completely unrelated to the anti-carcinogenic effects seen at low concentrations of the Bowman-Birk inhibitor(Liener, 2000).””

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