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7 July 2016

From the excel, we can find that the ADG and AF are the longest path, so both are the critical paths. From the slack or float remain time, we can find how much slack or float remain in the noncritical paths. 2. Assume that the situation proves to be less urgent than it seems to Messrs Alison and Phillips. Revises the schedule in order to complete the job within ten weeks. Indicate the new cost and critical path or paths. From the excel above, we can find that Path AF and BG is ten weeks. And the path CEG is 8 weeks. So just need to control the path ADG within 10 weeks.

So activity A and D are to use original time, and D use additional cost time. SO ADG=3+5+2=10 so cost is 5000+10000+24000=39000 If A and G to use original time, and D is to use additional cost. SO ADG=3+3+4=10, and cost is 5000+18000+10000=33000 So the second one is a better option because it is cheaper. ADG=10 AF=10 BG=10 CEG=8 total cost is 33000+16500+24000+20500=94000 And paths ADG AF BG are both critical paths 3. Suppose SCI were proceeding on the 10 week schedule and it became obvious that it would take not two but five weeks to prepare the necessary data for the request for NBA approval and that this step alone would now cost $7,000.

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What steps would you take to keep on schedule? What would be your new critical path or paths? What would happen to project costs? To keep on schedule it will be best to crash the process for the NBA approval which will double the cost to $ 14,000 and cut the time of the process in half to 2. 5 weeks. The critical path will remain the same in exhibit 1 (ADG) since the crash is bringing the time to 2. 5 weeks the CP would not change. The cost will increase however the project will be able to be completed on schedule. 4. Assume the project is planned to be completed in six weeks.

If there is a penalty cost of $10,000 per week for every week the project is late, what action would you take? Path Original times(weeks) Least possible time Original Cost (Dollars) Additional total cost(Dollars) Penalty cost at 7 weeks (10,000)+ total cost crashing the activities ADG 3+5+4=12 2+3+2=7 5000+10000+10000=$25000 10000+18000+24000= $52000 $10,000+$25,000+$52,000= $87,000 AF 3+7=10 2+5=7 5000+11500= $16500 10000+17500= $27500 $10,000+$16,500+$27,500= $54,000 BG 6+4=10 4+2=6 14000+10000= $24000 26000+24000= $50000 $24,000+$50,000= $74,000

From what we can tell in this chart, the critical path AF would require the least amount of capital in order to complete the project a week later and pay the penalty of $10,000 dollars. Even with the penalty it is still cheaper than the other options and it becomes a better option than to pay an additional $10,000 dollars. By crashing both of the activities in path AF you reduce the amount of time to 7 weeks plus the additional $10,000 penalty fee the total cost for this plan would cost $54,000. Based on these numbers the better option would be to complete the project in 7 weeks and pay the additional $10,000 dollar penalty.

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