Space Cowboys

This paper analyzes the movie “Space Cowboys” from the point of view of two theories – semiotics and ideology.

The movie “Space Cowboys” can be critically analysed by using both the theories of semiotics and that of ideology. Each of these theories allows us a different perspective on the movie. We will look at the movie from the perspectives of these two theories, firstly be defining the theory and secondly by applying it to the movie. In conclusion, it will be shown that the theory of ideology is not only relevant to the movie, but also reflects the very purpose of the movie.
From the paper:

“Semiotics is defined as the study of signs. It focuses on the relationship between signifier, signified and sign. (Abercrombie 373) In Questions concerning faculties claimed for man, Peirce discusses signs. Peirce?s basic idea is that signs are the universal medium between human minds and the world. A sign has the meaning that society gives it. This shared nature of signs means that they do not necessarily represent truth. The focus of analysis then should be on how the sign is interpreted, not on the truth behind it. It is the way it is interpreted that tells us something about society, rather than the sign telling us some universal truth. We can view semiotics then, as a critical tool that provides us with information about society. ”

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