Space Police-Defenders of the Crown Disk 1 by Edguy

6 June 2019

Just as i promised, Edguy is next. Space Police is a 2-disk album that was released this year in 2014. Edguy is a German Power Metal band, under the Legendary Nuclear Blast Records, that formed in 1991 and made their first album in 1995, Savage Poetry. I love this album and everything in it. Now I’ll only be reviewing the first disk because most of the second disk is a remix of certain hits in the album. Lat’s Get Started.

Tracklist: 1, Sabre and Torch, this is a great start to a great album. The instrumentation is phenominal and works for these guys. This is saying, we’re coming back after our long slew of bad albums especailly Age Of The Joker the album before this. This is what i call, “beautiful.

2, Space Police, the first of two title tracks. This is one of the best of the album and one of my favorite songs ever, I’ll be making a Top 100 at the end of the year By The way.

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I can’t say it’s the best because that title goes to the next track but for now, may i say, rock on guys.

3, Defenders of the Crown, the other Title track and This is my favorite song off of the album. Nice heavycore progession and I have to say it is amazing in this song. It may sound basic to some, but to me it is the most complex. I like stuff like that in case you don’t know.

4, Love Tyger, the only Glam song on here. Love Tyger has to be the song with the funniest music video EVER MADE, and the best part is, it’s animated. The song it’s self, well, It makes Glam Metal good. Motley Crue and Rainbow can’t even touch this song no matter how hard they try. Sorry but Glam Metal is my least favorite type of metal.

5, The Realms Of Baba Yaba, This is very heavy despite having such a harmless title. It kind of suprises you in a way. I can also hear some experimenting in there. We all know how much I love when bands experiment, whether it works or not. This song works.

6, Rock Me Amadeus (Falco Cover), this has to be the one that sounds most like the original. I love this song and it is one of the most covered songs, right up there with Yesterday by The Beatles and Take On Me by A-Ha. So yeah, I have to say this is the best version of the song, yes it’s even better than Falco’s version.

7, Do Me Like A Caveman, this is probably the weakest song on here making it less than perfect but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I like the song but it just sounds kind of blaind and unoriginal in my opinion. It brings down the score some points.

8, Shadow Eaters, this is like a song for the soul eaters in the anime Soul Eater, it’s clever. It would fit nice and snug as an AMV in that anime. Anyways, this a wonderful song that is a very welcome edition to the album and is probably my second favorite of the album. I would recommend this song as a good starting point.

9, Alone In Myself, this has to be one of the best ballads ever made and by far one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. If you want to have a sad song on the list, LOOK NO FURTHER, because this song is just that. If people asked me what my favorite ballad is I would say Alone In Myself by Edguy. Just. So. Beautiful.

10, The Eternal Wayfarer, a very good song and a great ending to the first disk. There are two other songs after this but that would be in the second disk along with the remixes. I would love to see this get more attentionin the realm of Power Metal and to extent, Edguy’s history. Then again, this album was releasedin June of this year. So yeah but, I would love to see this live and possibly even as a single in the album. So, yeah, I would loveto see this a whole lot more anywhere I happen to find it. That is it guys, next review is Dream Theater’s Systematic Chaos.


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