Spaniards and English Immigrants

1 January 2018

Native Americans were victims of many atrocities after the colonization of America, we’ll be discussing two situations that personally believe can summarize the genocide against Native Americans; The Trail of Tears and the Massacre of Sand Creek. The Trail of Tears is the forced relocation of Native Americans after the Indian Removal Act was signed by the President Andrew Jackson in 1830. Cherokee, Muscovite, Chickasaws, Seminole, and Choctaw tribes were removed into Indian Territory. Of course, they were not treated well while relocating; they suffered starvation and diseases which lead to the death of many Native Americans.

In addition to relocating, they also suffered massacres like the Massacre of Sand Creek also known as the Shoving Massacre because of the colonel guiding the soldiers who committed this crime; John Shoving. This event occurred in Colorado on 1864, when seven hundred man of the Colorado Territory Militia attacked a friendly village of Native Americans killing at least seventy people. It is estimated that two thirds of the people were women and children. If this event is not genocide, I do not know what is.The Trail of Tears and the Massacre of Sand Creek are among other events Lear proof that the Native Americans suffered of genocide. These pages of our history should not be forgotten. Immigrants from a various nationalities came to what this day is the united States of America, killed Native Americans and took their homes.

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2. What role did slavery play in the British Empire and American colonial economy? Using Virginia and the rest of the South as an example, how and why did slavery become so prominent in the southern colonies?Among the first people of African descent documented in British North America were round 20 men and women slaves that were traded and arrived to Virginia in 1619. After this the population of African slaves increased dramatically so that by 1700 there were more than twenty seven thousand and forty years later there were around one hundred and fifty slaves in the U. S. Territory. The reason for this is that Africans were being brought to North America to work as slaves in the plantations. This activity became extremely popular because with almost unlimited amount of land and labor plantations in the southern colonies were highly prosperous.

Also the colonists discovered that in England and Europe the demand for agricultural needs like corn tobacco and others was increasing. In the following years, the American Colonial economy was driven by the exports and these conditions were the reason why slavery and plantations became so prosperous. It is estimated that around fourth fifths of all colonists including their servants and slaves were farmers. The conditions for slavery were set and colonists thought they were doing some sort of good by giving them a job and food.So there was nothing to stop the low of slaves from Africa to North America. Agriculture was at that moment the backbone of the economy and was also based on African slaves making them a big role in the growth of our nation. Although, at the beginning the white indentured servants were who took care of the crops.

They did not offer the labor for free as the slaves did. This would have raised the cost of the plantations. In addition with the lack of servants in the southern colonies were two main reasons why slaves became so prominent around Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

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