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9 September 2017

Spanish-American War Essay, Research Paper

Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War was different from many other wars because it did non cover with America & # 8217 ; s rights ; nevertheless it dealt with our issues over expansionism. The war was caused by xanthous news media, sinking of the chief, and the de Lome missive in which he discussed his bad religion with America. The Spanish-American War was a & # 8220 ; glorious small war & # 8221 ; because it demonstrated the tremendous influence of xanthous news media, changed the balance in the Federal Government, and most significantly, marked the clear outgrowth of the United States as both a universe and imperialistic power.

The Spanish-American War demonstrated tremendous influence of the imperativeness in determining of public sentiment and, indirectly, authorities policy. The imperativeness brought big Numberss of people together by maintaining them informed of what & # 8217 ; s traveling on abroad. The imperativeness besides showed inkinesss and Whites contending side by side against a common enemy, assisting to ease the lesions still left from the civil war. Newspapers circulated The De Lome missive written by the Spanish curate to a friend in Cuba. He criticized President McKinley as a weak and unqualified President. As McKinley tried to keep neutrality, public feelings were fanned by xanthous news media, which created a authorities policy.

The Spanish-American War had two major effects sing the balance of power among the Federal subdivisions of Government. Alt

hough the war did non precisely upset the balance of power between or among the subdivisions, it greatly increased the powers of both the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. The Executive power was enormously increased during the war and afterwards in the many assignments made in order to administrate the freshly acquired districts. Likewise, Legislative authorization besides increased the power of American Imperialism and expansionism prospered as a consequence of the war.

When the United States declared war the armed forces was non ready. The ground forces comprised of approximately 30,000 was to turn to 200,000, voluntaries were non good equipped, and sanitation was besides sick equipped. Consequently, the United States spent 50 million to fix their ground forces. The UNITED STATES went on to get the better of Spain a major European power, on land and at sea. Therefore the UNITED STATES acquired Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines, every bit good as the right to intercession in the personal businesss of Cuba. Consequently, this marked the clear outgrowth of the United States as both a universe and imperialistic power.

Due to the Spanish-American War the United States grew from a babe Chihuahua to an over fed greaser bell Chihuahua ( geographically and mentally ) we are now recognized as a universe power that instills fear into many lesser states. As Americans, we pride ourselves on holding the highest criterion of life. In this war, we showed that we were willing to contend to maintain our criterions where they are.

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