Speacial Rights Or Extra Rights Essay Research

8 August 2017

Speacial Rights Or Extra Rights Essay, Research Paper

In these yearss it seems like another thing has been corrupted by lazy unmotivated people that think that they have found an easy manner to do it by in life. This is being particular rights. Every individual has an alibi nowadays to be supported by some sort of right that the remainder of society is go againsting. So why does it look that over the old ages particular rights have been turned into excess rights? Every group that demands these rights doesn T want to be equal but they want to hold more than the people that have quote-unquote suppressed them, and we as every twenty-four hours citizens that work hard for our money should non hold to pay for their indolence or alibis.

The first ground why we should non hold to pay for them in our revenue enhancements is that for the simple ground they abuse these plans. Just expression at unemployment, one time there on they reasonably much stay on for every bit long as they can. They, being the authorities, ever say that unemployment is ever dropping but why do we ever have to pay more and more for it? Another maltreatment of particular rights plans is the fact that there are so many of them. People start doing categorizations as to what they are and the more names that get thrown in the more people feel regretful for so they give more money. I for one can non stand these plans and wish they would all acquire cancelled.

Peoples besides stay on the plans longer than they should. They should merely acquire a couple months to acquire up and traveling once more, because anyone should be able to happen any occupation, it doesn t affair what it is, in Lashkar-e-Taibas say two months. Who cares if its picking up refuse or sweeping floors its better than nil is it? But so once more why should they, they can acquire more staying at place than working for minimal pay. Hey that s great Lashkar-e-Taibas all stay place and collect public assistance and possibly do something up about ourselves and say that the populace has treated us unjust and we deserve more money.

A 2nd manner that they abuse these plans is that they use them as their lone income. The individual has no existent purpose of traveling out and acquiring a occupation like the remainder of the existent universe. They know that they can acquire a cheque in the mail and sit place and watch Television. Possibly is we cut their hard currency flow they would be more motivated to travel acquire a occupation and articulation world because frankly I m tired of paying money out of the cheque I work for merely so some idiot watching Jerry Springer at place can acquire my money. I m certain every 1 with a occupation would hold with me, and who cares what the lazy asshole at place thinks ; they aren t making anything to profit society are they.

Besides the maltreatment these hapless people put on the plans that have no right being to the point at that place at is that they want excess rights. Why non they normally get them, and they keep forcing it further and further. For awhile it seems as if they will acquire cut off, so it seems the following twenty-four hours they are awarded the universe ( maybe its merely me and I know I m overstating but it does look that manner doesn t it? ) and it all comes out of our wage for the occupations we do. It doesn t seem menu that lazy people get the money we work for because first tungsten

vitamin E acquire taxed when we foremost acquire paid, so we have to pay revenue enhancements on everything we buy, so we have to pay revenue enhancements once more at the terminal of the twelvemonth.

They want something one manner but non the other, is what I mean is that they want something to work for them but every bit shortly as it starts assisting person else they attack it and destruct it. If it doesn t assist them it wont work for anyone or at least that s they manner they look at it. If you watch the intelligence R read the newspaper you can see articles all the clip about how an militant for some stupid worthless cause is contending for some right that has no right being in America. It has become about an mundane thing for these people to rip off the system.

They besides want thing s they do non merit, and they about ever acquire them. Again it ever comes out of our revenue enhancements from the occupations we work hard for. They say they have been treated unjust and that society owes them for the unjust intervention that they have been put through. Or they say they were born the manner they were. The best illustration I can believe of is homosexuals, or what of all time they want to be called. But if they were born that manner why aren t their parents gay? It seems a small odd to me and besides I think it is an alibi to acquire money another manner.

The 3rd job I see with these plans and why they should be terminated is that people will populate off these plans. When I lived in Oregon it seemed people would avoid acquiring a occupation because they knew that if they got a occupation they would really free money. So why non remain on the plans. It makes since doesn T it, even though its incorrect and should non be but it is. Possibly its that we need a new authorities that would destruct these plans, whatever it is we need to happen it fast and at least make it better to acquire a occupation. Two grounds I see that they live off of these plans is that they wait for cheque to look into and besides they put themselves in certain places. I ve personally seen households wait for each cheque to come in the mail so that they could travel out and utilize it in beer and coffin nails or other unpointed dirt.

Some people will travel to the extent of traveling to certain countries so that they can acquire more money. They besides have more kids so that their public assistance cheque will be more. I have besides seen this where there are households that buzzword even back up the kids they have but they want more money so they have another child. They get about everything paid for at the infirmary through the authorities plans. Which is besides from our revenue enhancements. If I had it my manner I wouldn t give them anything for country they live in or kids they have why should we, its non they like couldn T afford a rubber.

Finally I would merely wish to state that I know non all people are like this but the bulk are and they ruin it for everyone. I don t want to pigeonhole but when it s such a big figure and a large job in today s society we have to make something. Or there is no hope for our kids to hold anything because lazy hapless people now are utilizing all the money that the authorities has put aside for the original plans. These plans most rebelliously were non set up to be abuse like this.

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