Speak Now by Taylor Swift

11 November 2019

And Swift has spoken again.

With Speak Now, her latest album, Taylor Swift has struck all the right chords in the hearts of her listeners. This album has not only kept her fan base satisfied, but also attracted people who had earlier deemed her music to be ‘too young’ for their taste.

As usual, all her songs have a poignant, resonating personal note in them, making them easier to relate to, yet keeping things light, not too intense. Her single, “Mine”, topped charts and needs no vouching, but other excellent songs from the album would include the latest hit “Back to December”, a song about growing up called, ironically, “Never Grow Up”, and “Haunted”, which is rather different from all her usual songs. It is fiercer, and more complicated, and a bit heavier, yet absolutely amazing.

Her music is, as usual, granted a sort of eternal touch straight to the heart, besides being a bestseller. Congratulations to Swift.

And this CD is definitely the sort you keep returning to, just when you thought you were bored of it.

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