Speak Now by Taylor Swift

7 July 2019

Taylor Swift’s new album “Speak Now” was released October Twenty-Fifth, where music is sold. Her new album includes 14 new songs including all the singles that were released. The album include songs like Mine, Sparks Fly, Back To December, Speak Now, Mean, Enchanted, Better Than Revenge, And Innocent, Haunted.All Of these have a story behind them, whether it is a love story, a heartbreak story, or a revenge story. All of the album are very personal, and is easily relate able to. A person of any gender who has ever been in love or not will love this album. In her album, she acknowledges what some of these songs are about like: Back to December, when she broke a beautiful boys heart in December. Mean, a mean man she used to be afraid of. Better Than revenge, about a girl who stole something of hers. And one who most people know, Innocent, about how she forgave Kayne West after taking the stage at the Vma’s same years ago. Overall, I’d give this five stars. Everyone should at least listen to it because “If you have something to say and you don’t, you’ll regret it so I think you should speak now” in the words of Taylor Swift.

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