Speak Now Concert Tour

9 September 2019

Taylor Swift opened her 2011 “’Speak Now’ world tour” in Omaha at the Century Link on June 17th and 18th. She played a total of seventeen songs that mainly came from her album “Speak Now.” Along with those songs were a few of her number one hits. I went to the 2nd showing of this concert on the June 18th and it was incredible. Thinking about this concert makes me want to go back to it. I have no regrets in buying the tickets and I would go multiple times if I have the chance.

Taylor started off the concert telling the crowd why she chose Omaha to start the tour and how she loved the atmosphere Omaha gave her last time she performed. She had her lucky number thirteen written on her hand and “you gotta keep your head up oh, but you can let your hair down hey” (lyrics from Andy Grammer’s song “Keep Your Head Up”) down her arm. The crowd was filled with mainly teenage girls singing along to every song. At the end of each song Taylor would stand on stage in disbelief to take it all in. The stage was full of different sceneries and Taylor had many different costumes. She was at all ends of the arena; during her song “Love Story,” which is about Romeo and Juliet, Taylor went up into a balcony that flew over the crowd.
Taylor Swift is a very energetic girl. The concert was very lively and exciting. She kept the crowd in amazement whenever the set would change or when she would come out in elaborate costumes. She had everyone singing along and dancing. Taylor ended the concert with, “I don’t think you’ve ever looked more beautiful than you have tonight Omaha thanks for hanging out with me.” Being at that concert was an experience I would love to have again.

Speak Now Concert Tour Essay Example

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