1 January 2018

My Attributes of Public Speaking As a speaker, their Job is the most important role in speechifying. A speaker is to talk as well as listen. There’s different skills you need to have to be a successful writer. You need to have the knowledge of the subject, the preparation of your speech, the manner of your speaking and sensitivity to the audience. When giving a speech, to get the audience to be interested, you need to have enthusiasm in your speech and voice.

Even though this Job seem quite easy, there’s a couple things of positive and negative attributes of speechifying. As I go on, I’m going to explain to oh a couple positive and negative attributes I have. The first attribute I’m going to speak about is nervousness. Ever get that feeling in your chest and stomach? Ever had a million questions and thoughts run through your head right before you recite your speech? Well I do, when I’m about to do anything in front of someone, especially strangers, I get this weird adrenaline rush rushing through my body.When people get nervous, they usually say they not good or they wish they didn’t have to read their speeches. Ways to get over nervousness: 1 . Acquire speaking experience – we probably nervous because we face new situations.

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The biggest part of stage fright is fear of the unknown. As you give more speeches and learn about public speaking the less threatening speechifying will be. 2. Prepare- practicing your speech takes time. You cannot Just wake up 5 hours before your speech is due and expect you to know it at all. . Think positively – have a mindset that have a positive mindset instead of negative.

If they do have a negative thought, they can change it to positive. 4. Use the power of visualization- the key to visualization is creating a vivid mental picture in which you see yourself succeeding n your speech. As you create these images in your mind’s eye, be realistic but keep focused on the positive aspects of your speech. Visualization help overcome stage fright, nervousness and craft a successful presentation.As we come to the second attribute, which is eye contact, movement & gestures. Posture, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact – all affect the way listeners respond to the speaker.

Speakers are often unsure about what to do with their body while giving a speech. There is plenty of ways speakers use movement during their speech. One way is the pacing back and forth. When I give speeches, I move my body a lot either its stepping or rocking from side to side. Gestures is motions of a speaker’s hands or arms during a speech.I use gestures in my everyday conversations. When giving a speech with gestures, make sure your hands do not upstage your ideas.

When giving direct visual contact with the eyes of another person. When you use eye contact your send nonverbal messages. When giving your speech make sure you use eye contact. It’s not about Just looking at your audience, it’s how you look at them. Last aspect, vocabulary & stuttering. When reading I have a lot of problems with renouncing how words sound and being too nervous to talk right.When I’m in a big crowd I always have the little stutters and talk too fast without stopping to breathe.

When I see a word that I know either hard to say or I never seen the word before it’s hard for me to pronounce words the right way. With these few aspects I have to improve my speechifying, there is more. Speakers has a lot of responsibility and role in communication. The speaker has 2 roles at the same time. The speaker has to talk and listen. These aspects are some I need to help me become a better speaker.

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