Specific Heat of Solids

6 June 2017

To determine the specific heat capacity of solids by methods of mixtures. Ill. Theory: When to or more substances at deferent temperatures are mixed, heat will flow from the substance of higher temperature to the substance of lower temperature. The heat flow will continue until equilibrium in temperature is reached. From the Law of Conservation of Energy, whatever amount of heat Is lost by the hot substance must be equal to the heat gained by the cold substance.

Thus, each component of a mixture must undergo a change in temperature. This change depends primarily on the masses of the components and on their specific heats. Specific heat refers to the amount of heat required in changing the temperature of a unit mass of a substance by a unit degree or Q= MACҐt Where: Q = amount of heat In calories; m = mass in grams; At = change in temperature, in C; and c = specific heat capacity In calla- C, In this experiment, a known mass of water at a certain initial temperature is placed inside a calorimeter.

The hot sample is then poured into the water and the equilibrium temperature Is noted. The heat exchange equation Is heat lost by sample heat gain by water and calorimeter. V. Procedure 1 . Weigh the inner cup of the calorimeter and the two metal samples in a trip scale balance. Record the observed weights of the samples and the cup. 2. Fill the Inner cup about half-full of tap water and note the mass of the water in the cup. 3. Cover the calorimeter and insert a thermometer through the center opening.

After several minutes record the Initial temperature of the water Inside the calorimeter. 4. Place a water bath containing water over the electric heater and position the dipper such that lower parts submerge in the water. Be sure that no amount of water will enter the dipper upon boiling. 5. Put one of the metal samples Inside the dipper and allow its temperature to rise above 90 C. 6. Repeat the process using the second sample. Be sure to replace the water in the inner cup of the calorimeter. . Calculate the specific heat capacity CSS, of each metal sample. From the standard value given by the instructor, also calculate the percent error using : Specific Heat of Solids By Claude Ill. Theory: When to or more substances at different temperatures are mixed, heat From the Law of Conservation of Energy, whatever amount of heat is lost by the hot nit mass of a substance by a unit degree

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