Speech Critique Billy Joel Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Address Review: Billy Joel Essay, Research Paper

Speech Critique Billy Joel Essay Research Paper Essay Example

Address Critique

Billy Joel is a really good known instrumentalist that is respected and acknowledged all around the universe. I think he was an appropriate talker for a college graduation.

He used one inquiry at the beginning of the address that would catch the audiences wonder ; & # 8220 ; Why do instrumentalists give so much clip to charitable causes? & # 8221 ; and branched out from at that place to of import issues. I think this showed a sense of organisation and importance to the issue of why he was at that place.

From the beginning of the address Billy Joel set a personal and comfy tone. He spoke to the alumnuss on a degree of equality utilizing phrases like & # 8220 ; possibly its because we know & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; , and & # 8220 ; Our experience is non so different from those who march to the round of a different drummer. & # 8221 ; Which besides served as a wordplay. He used phrases like & # 8220 ; common emotion & # 8221 ; and referred to instrumentalists like & # 8220 ; household & # 8221 ; . He was able to associate to the alumnuss and made it easy for the alumnuss to associate to him, giving reused inquiries like & # 8220 ; when are you traveling to acquire a existent occupation? When are you traveling to acquire serious about life? & # 8221 ; that instrumentalists are frequently faces with. He besides uses the technique of adverting celebrated names to catch the attending of the audience. I besides noticed that he chose instrumentalists from different types of music and different times in history he went from Beethoven to Milli Vanilli to Bob Marley. So reasonably much everyone could associate.

& gt ; Since Billy Joel has been so successful, his past experiences can be a manner acquisition and encouragement for the alumnuss. He refers back to when he was 19 and explains how his calling began. He spoke about his & # 8220 ; small occupations & # 8221 ; and how he was hardly doing adequate money to pay his measures. Most of the alumnuss are likely traveling through that phase in their life now. I think he referred to this as a sense of motive for the alumnuss. Throughout the address he gives out tips and advice about doing it in the amusement universe. Since he is so respected as a instrumentalist this advice is valuable to the alumnuss.

He made music sound like the most of import thing in the universe, which I think gave a batch of importance to the alumnuss. He called the endowment they had a gift that merely alone people like them had. The manner he explained music, made instrumentalists sound like the centre of it all ; music heals, encourages, and even persuades people. It gave the alumnuss a feeling of importance like their function in society can do a difference in the universe.

Overall I enjoyed this address. I think it was appropriate since it was so encouraging. These alumnuss are about to ship on a new phase in life filled with frights and insecurities and they need all the advice an encouragement they can acquire. He spoke on a really down to earth degree, which made it easy to understand and associate. I think every alumnus could go forth that address experiencing Billy Joel was non merely a function theoretical account but besides a friend.

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