Speech Essay Research Paper SUPPORTING MATERIALS1 SourcesA

Speech Essay, Research Paper

Support MATERIALS:1. Beginnings: A. Chelminski, Rudolph. The Great Cities / Paris. Amsterdam: Time-Life. 1977.B. Kovel, Ralph M. Price Guide for Collector Plates, Figurines, Paperweights, and Other Limited Editions. New York: Crown Publishing. 1978.C. Selman, Larry. & # 8220 ; Paperweight & # 8217 ; s a Beautiful Investment. & # 8221 ; 28 Nov. 1997 D. & # 8220 ; Tour Eiffel. & # 8221 ; A Bit of History. 28 Nov. 1997.E. & # 8220 ; Tourist Paris Monuments. & # 8221 ; The Eiffel Tower. 28 Nov. 1997. 2. Ocular Aidss: Paperweights, posting, & # 8220 ; Sabrina & # 8221 ; picture OutlineI. Introduction A. Attention Getting Device: Hour angle this of all time happened to you? ( Walk by the desk, and utilize air current and manus to strike hard documents off the desk. ) B. Preview Statement: Owning an Eiffel Tower paperweight is non merely practical, in cost and size, but besides good, with its historical relevancy and sophisticated international visual aspect. II. Body A. You need a paperweight! ; but what sort? 1. There are a broad scope of paperweights, from perfume bottles to expensive old-timer glass to doorknobs. One can utilize about anything as a paperweight. 2. Harmonizing to the International Paperweight Society, paperweights are a beautiful investing. In 1990, one rare piece sold for a record-setting monetary value of $ 285,000. So, paperweights are great points to have. 3. I have found that the best qualities to look for in a paperweight are that it should be practical, cheap and historically celebrated. B. The solution to the paperweight quandary is to purchase an Eiffel Tower paperweight. 1. Why should person acquire an Eiffel Tower paperweight? a. Practical facet: Its physical visual aspect is that of a little reproduction of a great memorial, which is hardy, does non make full much infinite, and is cheap. B. Other paperweights have excessively many disadvantages. I. The Statue of Libert is excessively tall and it & # 8217 ; s non international. In add-on, since it originally a gift from France, why non merely travel with the Eiffel Tower? two. The & # 8216 ; 59 Corvette is fun, but it may turn over off the paper. three. Fred Flintstone is non every bit heavy as most other paperweights. c. Historical facet of the Eiffel Tower I. Construction: It was built in 1889 by the applied scientist Gustave Eiffel for the World Exposition. It took about 15,000 Fe pieces and 40 dozenss of pigment to finish the Eiffel Tower. There are besides 1652 stairss from the underside to the top. two. Size: It started at 984 pess and was increased to 1,051 pess in 1957 when a telecasting tower and aerial were added. It was the

largest construction in the universe for 41 old ages, until the Chrysler Building was built in New York. Due to its size and visual aspect, most of the Gallic wanted it to be dismantled after the Exposition, mentioning to it as a “hollow candlestick.” It remained standing merely due to scientific grounds. However, in 1914, when the Eiffel Tower station picked up inside informations of a German onslaught on Paris, the Gallic armed forces was able to be strategically placed for the first conflict of the Marne. After that, the Tower found its place.

three. Events: Since the Tower & # 8217 ; s beginning, it has been threatened by terrorists & # 8217 ; explosives, & # 8220 ; sold & # 8221 ; countless times to fleeceable aliens, bicyclers have ridden down its stairss, and menagerie animate beings have walked up them. It one time became the universe & # 8217 ; s largest electric advertisement hoarding. 2. How can you obtain an Eiffel Tower paperweight? a. Go to France. If you are on a honeymoon or graduation trip, halt by and pick one up. The Eiffel Tower is unfastened everyday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. to see. There is a gift ship on the first floor. B. Ask a friend or possible a Gallic pupil or instructor traveling to Paris to halt by and acquire you one. I have ne’er been to France, but one of my close friends brought me a gift that I had asked for. c. If there is no possible manner to acquire an official one in Paris, there are many towns called Paris in the U.S. which may hold shops that carry Eiffel Tower paperweights. There is Paris, Tennessee which is about 40 proceedingss off and has a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower in their town. They besides have Eiffel Tower souvenirs that you can utilize as paperweights. C. If you do non have one already, you could go one of the fortunate people who have an Eiffel Tower paperweight. 1. You will be able to capture this architectural array of beauty and integrate it into a practical portion of college life. 2. If a paperweight is unneeded for you, this may be a residence hall or flat ornament which adds international category or a sophisticated expression to your room. III. Decision A. Summary: After uncovering the grounds for having an Eiffel Tower paperweight, I hope you see why you need to travel out on a pursuit to happen 1. This cartridge holder from the film & # 8220 ; Sabrina & # 8221 ; may assist to actuate you. [ Show the film cartridge holder from “ Sabrina. ” ] B. Reasoning Device: As Harrison Ford points out in one of Julia Ormond & # 8217 ; s most dramatic scenes as Sabrina, no clip is the incorrect clip to inquire for an Eiffel Tower paperweight.

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