Speech for Speaker Proposing the Motion That, “Cell Phones Use Has Destroyed the Moral of Young People.”

Good Morning, I am proposing the motion that, “Cell phones use has destroyed the moral of young people. ” To start with, Mobile phones prevent young people from socialising a lot as they would be on their phones chatting with their friends rather than knowing new people. I would like to quote this article I got from the internet and I quote, “Mobile phones are a distraction from the real world, preventing children from interacting with those around them. Constant talking, texting, and games playing take the place of proper socialising.

Young people grow up without good manners, unable to relate to those around them in a normal way. They also become fat and lazy, as phone use crowds out healthy activity such as sport or playground games. ” The second reason is that Mobile phones cause young people to cheat during the examination. There could be many ways a student can cheat using a mobile phone for example by downloading mark schemes of a question paper if it’s a past paper or by even sending each other text message which is like copying in an exam.

I would like to quote another article from the internet and I quote, “With so many features, teens are devising creative ways to cheat in class. Phones are being used to text answers, find answers via data access, and store preloaded information for reference. Gone are the days in which cheating on an exam involved looking at your neighbor’s test, whispering answers, or passing notes. These practices have become obsolete thanks to technology. In their stead are methods so obscure and so varied that they are becoming difficult to catch.

According to a survey by the wireless association CTIA, 47% of U. S. teens can text with their eyes closed. Without having to look at the screen, teens can easily text answers unnoticed. ” The third reason I would like to give is that, cell phones cause students to waste a lot of their time and is very addictive.. This is also one major cause in low academic grades. It can also cause people who are eligible to drive cars lose their concentration and have an accident. Cell phones are considered to be the third most addictive thing in this world according to n article by MSN Money I would like to quote an article from the internet, Addiction •Excessive cell phone usage can lead to addiction, especially in teens, as well as time wasted on compulsive communication with peers via text messages and phone calls. Auto Accidents •Talking or sending SMS text messages on a cell phone while driving is proven to be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. The last reason I would like to mention is that Mobile phones cause young people to be distracted in class causing them to lose concentration.

For example, a student’s phone ring in class can cause all the students to lose their concentration. I would like to quote an article got from the internet and I quote, Because cell phones are so ubiquitous today, it is not uncommon for people to use them in public. Indeed, the occasional cell phone ringing in the grocery store or park is a natural occurrence and happens so often that it escapes notice. When it is noticed, however, these ringings are usually accompanied by a collective moan of annoyance.

Just as common is the cell phone ringing in the classroom, and this, too, vexes anyone in hearing distance. There is, however, a distinction between a cell phone ringing in public areas and ringing in class. Outside, conversations and noise usually mask the sound. In the classroom, the collective concentration vital to the learning process is disrupted. Attention is so crucial in classes that this seemingly minor disruption can actually lead to further distractions, especially in lower grades.

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