Speech Geothermal Energy

12 December 2016

First, I have a question for you guys. How many kinds of energy you know until now? (Watch for feedback) B. Ok, so have you heard geothermal energy before? Good, I am goanna show you some pictures first. C. When I heard this term, there are few questions came out in my mind, what is the geothermal energy? how the new energy works? Is the energy clean? I think that those are what you think about, too.

So recently, energy shortage becomes one of the most crucial problems all over the world, but with the development of the technology, there are few kinds of new energy came out; one of them is geothermal energy. And it has been used in many fields. Transition: So, let’s find out how geothermal can be used. First, the geothermal energy is used for producing electricity. Body 1. The most important way to use geothermal energy is producing electricity.

Speech Geothermal Energy Essay Example

According to the International Geothermal Association (IGA) , it has reported that 10,715 megawatts (MW) of geothermal power in 24 countries is online, which is expected to generate 67,246 GWh of electricity in 2010. [20] B. Because geothermal power does not rely on variable sources of energy, unlike, for example, wind or solar, its capacity factor can be quite large – up to 96% has been demonstrated. [26] Except for producing electricity, second, the geothermal energy can also be used in producing heat. 2.

In winter, people usually use heat in order to keep the temperature in a stable range, but I know, not in FL. A. The good example is the republic of Iceland. Geothermal power is used for many things in Iceland. 57. 4% of the energy is used for space heat. B. For centuries, the people of Iceland have used their hot springs for bathing and washing clothes. 1. The first use of geothermal energy for heating did not come until 1907 when a farmer ran a concrete pipe from a hot spring that led steam into his house. 2.

In 1930, the first pipeline was constructed in Reykjavik, and was used to heat two schools, 60 homes, and the main hospital. It was a 3 km pipeline that ran from one of the hot springs outside the city. 3. In 1943, the first district heating company was started with the use of geothermal power. An 18 km pipeline ran through the city of Reykjavik and by 1945 it was connected to over 2,850 homes. [3]. 4. Currently geothermal power heats 89%[3] of the houses in Iceland and over 54% of the primary energy used in Iceland comes from geothermal sources.

Now, you know that geothermal energy can be used for producing electricity and heat, so think about what is the next major way for using it. Right, that would be used in medical field. 3. Third, it is used in medical field. A. In medical field, geothermal energy has attractive prospects, every country cherish the thermal mineral water as a valuable resource. The geothermal water extracted from deep underground, it has high temperatures which often contain special chemical elements, so that it has a certain medical effects. . Conclusion In conclusion, geothermal energy is a kind of energy which is clean, safe and effective. With the development of the technology, it can be used in more field beside producing electricity and heat and used in medical field in the future. So next time you think about new energy, don’t forget geothermal energy and ,maybe you will be the next scientist who find a new way to use geothermal energy.

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