speech in CAT graduation

CAT Graduation Speech
Commandant Antonio Veron Cruz , To our Principal Dr. Wilma U.Galicia,and to our very special guest Mario Galicia. My Fellow Officers, Midshipman and Midship woman, Parents, Alumni, and Friends, a very warm and pleasant afternoon to all of you. This day is very special for me. I feel deeply honored for having been given this opportunity to speak before my fellow graduates this afternoon.

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I know some of you want to be a corp commander like me. Honestly, back when I was second year , I told myself that someday I will became the corp commander also.so that I joined the camping and even my first rapel I was scared because of its height I finished it with a very long time time because I am afraid to go down but to the other midshipman or midshipwoman it seems very easy for them.And when I became third year a thought came to my mind that being a Corp Commander is a very boring task.So that I focused my self in performing the rifle, I told myself that if there is a reward in best in rifle execution I want to get it. Even though I am a sophomer I did my best as a member of colors. The hardest thing for me that time is having the rifle at my left though I am a left handed.

I am very proud to be on top among the other student on the execution of rifle. Winning,I got the award I was thinking having of. The day of CAT Graduation came. Sir veron is watching my fellow men when he announced that the next Corp Commander will be Ruvil Mula. I did not expect that I will be the next Corp Commander because I am not doing the the drills properly except the rifle execution. However I told myself that I will accept this challenge whole heartedly. I want to say that if ever you did not want that position or task, You want it or not, do the job properly and do it what the best you can. I know some of you were getting mad when the officers give you punishment and when you are executing properly and you were given punishment because of your fellowmen’s fault. Like you’re always saying” Bat ako nadamay ako eh, siya lang naman yong nag iingay” that’s the funny part of it, but the one reason that officer doing it is because we are making you the best leader. And that’s what the Leadership Trainig is all about.

Before I leave the portals to the corps, on behalf of the midshipman and women class2012-2013 I would like to extend my deepest and most precious gratitude and appreciation to our most especially commandant, sir veron. To me , they are not just instructors that I would call”sir”. To me in all my trials & hardship, in my entire honor& prestige, all my failures & success,they have been always there at my side, always at our side. To me they were “brothers” I have never had. And its hard to me sir, hard for all of us, that again- another batch of people will be leaving. After we have all crossed the street, I will never forget the way you’ve held us, taught us ,instructed us and molded us into a better person. We salute and will love you. Before we go out there people, this is the last day I would speak to you as your Corps Commander. And maybe this is the right time for my last words.

Though I may not the best motivator nor I may not the best teacher to each one of you,my only desire is to feed your minds with words and experience. You only pass this line once: I hope you try to look back. Sooner someday, youll remember this face in front of you , remember the words I utter into your ears, remember the wonders that happened even for single moment that you would not regret for the rest of your life. Before I leave, never forget this, that there are three things in our world that last: Faith, Hope, and Love. In everything that you do, you may have this: (points to head to signify ‘brains’), this: (holds fist to signify ‘power’), but most of all people, never forget this! (puts fist on the chest to signify ‘heart’)

Again I would like to congratulate each and every one of you, the Basic, Model, Shore Patrol and especially the officers, for a job well done. And again I want to present to all of you, the Corps of Midshipman and Midshipwoman of Sto. Nino De Praga Academy batch 2012-2013 Goodbye to all of you and thank you very much.

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