Speech Is Silver but Silence Is Golden

12 December 2017

Keelhauls Speech is Silver, But Silence is Golden. When you have the speech of excellence, The better and better you teach. When you have the power of silence, The higher and higher you reach” It is a fact that when we speak, others become silent and when others speak, we become silent.

But it’s always upon us that what we choose- ‘speech’ or ‘silence’. When we speak, we are just confirming or showing others what we know, but when e are silent, we are increasing our own knowledge, because we are getting to know that what others know.When two best friends meet after a very long time, they have many things to say; many complaints to do; many secrets to share; many questions to be answered; and much more! But ‘silence’ Is the first thing they share. It Is not always necessary that we need to speak In order to express our selves. Sometimes, silence plays a greater role! We can also not deny the fact that words have healing powers. Huge wars have been stopped due to the speeches of great people.On the other hand, many wars, that changed our whole life; that ruined many people’s present, were the result of the exchange of just a few words! The Father of our nation- Mahatma Gandhi has written in his autobiography- The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ that he was very shy during his childhood.

Speech Is Silver but Silence Is Golden Essay Example

He was not able to express himself properly and whenever he would have to deliver speeches, he couldn’t utter a word. Firstly, he thought that this silence was his weakness.But later in his biography, he has written that this quality his’ proved to be a boon for him. His silence became his power! In many of the non- violent protests led by him, he fought, but not by shouting aloud; but by being silent. He has said that a person who Is silent has less chances of speaking anything that Is unnecessary or may hurt others. This justifies that silence has greater significance than speech. Silence helps us to know our inner self.

It helps us to understand our soul and its nature. It’s an art which everyone needs to master.It is one of the most magnificent way to lean a better life. Silence, in itself is a language which helps us to express ourselves. This is the reason why our mother understands everything we need, though we say nothing at all. This is the reason why we feel that when we remember our God, all our questions are answered by Him, though He says nothing at all! ‘Silence Is the most powerful engine of our life. When too happy, It calms us, And when too sad, It supports us, It always gives us the courage to go on.

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