Speech on Corruption

My speech today will address the topiccorruption and especially political corruption. Everything in this era revolves around the decisionsmade by powerful people in society, particularly governmental people and politicians and many of them resort to misuse power for personal gains such as money, luxuries or even more power. Thismeans that corruption could make you gain a lot but it also means that you deprive certain people of a lot.

This is why in certain countries, we see a gap that is widening between the poor and the richand certain economies are falling, as in the united states economy. Corruption only leads to thedestruction of a persons morals and ethics and would increase peoples hatred towards that person. Asignificant example on political corruption is when our countries in the middle east- throughcorrupted people- facilitated the way for the occupational troops to invade Iraq and when theyignored the cries for help by Palestinians in Gaza and other cities.

It is time for people to start paying attention to these issues and understand that we must fight corruption to end these miserableissues upon our people. It is therefore that corrupted people must suffer the consequences incurred by their actions and should be punished according to the Islamic system. But what if the peoplewithin the system are also corrupted? Then I believe that change comes from within us if we arewilling to step up to these people and by taking initiatives, sacrifices and perhaps try to influence people and future generations to put pressure in the face of corruption.

One of the ways of applying pressure and drawing attention to this case was shown by a reporter a few days ago who threw a pair of shoes at the united states president. Although I liked the idea but other methods such asdemonstrations are proved to be effective methods and as I’ve stated earlier, its all about takingsacrifices and initiatives towards these methods, that we can eliminate corruption.

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