Speech on Winning the Lottery

One Wednesday September 26th 2012 somebody in Iowa won the 202 million dollar Powerball. II. Thesis: I already have my winnings mapped out if I were to win the Powerball. III. Preview of Main Points: a. I would make sure my family is finically set. b. Continue living my day to day life. c. I would invest into something nonprofit. Transition: With that said let me tell you how I would spend my winnings. Body I.

Main Point 1: Making sure my family is finically set would consist of a. Sub Point 1: Paying all of our debt off. b. Sub Point 2: Making sure my children’s education is paid for and they have money for the rest of their life. c. Sub Point 3: I would make sure my parents bills are completed paid off and they wouldn’t have to work another day. That’s the least I could for them with them having to put up with me as a child. Sign Post: When most people think of winning the lotto the first thing that comes to mind is that ‘Oh I am going to quit my job. II. Main Point 2: This girl is not going to quit her job. d. Sub Point 1: I would continue with my education and continue working. e. Sub Point 2: Yes, you can take a vacation for 2-3 weeks but what happens when that gets old? f. Sub Point 3: You can only vacation so long. I am not the type of person that would be content with not working. When I was on maternity leave I had to go back to work after about 3-4 weeks, I couldn’t stand staying at home. I think that you still need a purpose, a way to contribute to feel good about yourself.

Sign Post: Another thing that I strongly believe in is giving back to your community III. Main Point 3: Most of my money would go towards a nonprofit organization or I would open something in my community. g. Sub Point 1: I would consider opening a shelter for animals that have been abuse or that just don’t have a place to call home. h. Sub Point 2: Another thing I would consider is contributing money to something related to child abuse. There are many children out that they need just a place to sleep or a way out of an abusive household.

I would possibly open some type of children’s home. Transition: As you can see there are many great things I would do with my Powerball winnings. Conclusion I. Summary: I still have high hopes of winning the Powerball someday so I can fulfill my winning plans, a. Summary Point 1: of making sure my family is finically set, b. Summary Point 2: continuing my current day to day life c. Summary Point 3: and donating or building a nonprofit organization II. Closing Statement: What would you do if you won the Powerball?

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