Speech Reflection

2 February 2017

Ch. 2 Reflection Generally speaking, Abrahams’s five theories are very profound and analytical strategies for managing public speaking anxiety. I typically like how he specifies the ways to manage our fears – behaviorally, visually, biologically, cognitively, and evolutionarily. I also realize that I have already started using some of his strategies. He mentioned, “One clear way to improve your confidence and reduce anxiety is to collaborate with others striving toward the same goal. ” (13) I used to be a quiet student in class, who would not raise hand initiatively to answer questions.

However, since the first day of this speech class, I realized that this class had the greatest opportunities for me to improve my public speaking skills just by speaking up in the class. I would even force myself to raise my hand, and regard each speaking opportunity as a mini speech. And I would be less fearful in this way, because everybody in the class has the same goal with me. I truly believe the more I practice the better I will be. I also agree that enjoying the entire speaking experience would make me less anxious than just focusing on the speech. It is interesting to know that public speaking anxiety is also related to human biology.

Speech Reflection Essay Example

Even interactions with others will release some chemicals in your body, which can naturally reduce some of your speaking jitters. (19) I also think, “reframing the speaking situation as a conversation rather than a performance” (23) is a great strategy, since most of us are very comfortable with talking to friends and family. “Replace negative comments with positive affirmations” is also important. It is like an encouragement to ourselves. The last comment I have for this chapter is that I really like the Try. I have tried or imagined most of its situations; they seem to work for me. I think I am also going to test them out on my speeches.

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