Spellbound Essay Research Paper The book I

9 September 2017

Spellbound Essay, Research Paper

The book I read was Spellbound by Christopher Pike. In this book, a adolescent miss named Karen Holly, was killed at the top of a nearby mountain with her skull smashed in. The lone informant to this atrocious slaying was her boyfriend Jason Whitfield who said that a grey bear killed her and scratched him across the face when he tried to halt the bear by hitting it with a stick. He subsequently goes to the constabulary with his narrative and tells them where to happen her cadaver. When the constabulary get to the top of the mountain they do non happen her organic structure where Jason said that it would be, but alternatively discovered the cadaver in a nearby watercourse.

After a few hebdomads people start to believe that Jason is concealing something about that awful dark, some people even think that Jason himself killed her.

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These confederacies are fuel by many things such as the fact that there was flesh found underneath Karen & # 8217 ; s fingernails or that Jason now has a new girlfriend named Cindy Jones. The town decides to hold a test because of all of the confederacies so that they can put the record heterosexual on what go on that dark.

A couple yearss before the test Jason, Cindy, Cindy & # 8217 ; s brother Alex, Alex & # 8217 ; s day of the month Joni Harper, Cindy & # 8217 ; s best friend Pam Alta, and a foreign exchange pupil who is remaining with Pam named Bala make up one’s mind to travel to the top of the mountain. Jason wants to make this because he says he wants to confront his fright of the mountain that he got after the dark Karen was killed. At the top mountain, Jason says he wants to demo them a secret cave. After walking for approximately ten proceedingss they have to travel over a log to traverse the watercourse. While walking on the log Cindy falls off and into the watercourse. Alex and Jason run to seek to salvage Cindy but all of a sudden Bala dives off a high drop into the H2O, grabs Cindy and pulls her to safety.

The following twenty-four hours at school, Alex and his best frie

neodymium named Ray acquire in a battle because Alex finds out that Ray is traveling out on a day of the month that dark with Joni Harper. That is the last clip Alex of all time seeโ€™s Ray alive because that dark after Rayโ€™s day of the month with Joni he is killed the same manner that Karen was. This happened merely a twenty-four hours before Jasonโ€™s test.

As the secret plan thickens, Jason asked Cindy to look at the test in his defence. The forenoon of the test a newsman from the local newspaper who thinks that Jason killed Karen comes to Cindy & # 8217 ; s house and speak her into thought that Jason is concealing something. Two hours before the test Cindy decides to travel up the mountain to see what she can happen. When she gets to the topographic point where she fell, she finds that there was oil on the log which caused her to fall. She concludes that Jason did this so that he could salvage her to unclutter his name by doing people think he is a hero for salvaging Cindy.

The chief characters in this book where Jason Whitfield, who is the lone informant to the slaying of Karen Holly, and Cindy Jones, the new girlfriend of Jason Whitfield. Other chief characters are Bala, who is a foreign exchange pupil for Africa and Joni Harper, who turns out to be the 1 who kills Karen and Ray. Some secondary characters are Alex Jones, Pam Alta, and Karen Holly. The scene takes topographic point in a little town in the Rocky Mountains at present twenty-four hours clip.

My favourite portion of the book is when Cindy goes up into the mountains and discovers that Jason had put oil on the log to do her autumn. This was my favourite portion of the book because Cindy had merely discovered that Jason may hold killed Karen after all. The scariest portion of the book was when Bala was in the infirmary because Bala was really strong and smart and it would take a batch to ache him, but something had. My sentiment of the book was that it was great. I would urge it to anyone who likes chilling books or Christopher Pike books.

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