Spice Girls – Spice Girls

11 November 2018

If you enjoy listening to pop/rock music, you will really enjoy the Spice Girl’s album. It has two top hits on the radio today. One is called “If ya wannabe my lover” and the other is “Say you’ll be there.” They are very popular right now. They are among the top ten in the world. The group consists of five girls. Each has a different role in the music they play, but they all work together to make their music cool and popular to teenagers today. This is the Spice Girls’s first self-titled album. I bought it about a week ago and enjoyed every minute I have listened to it. Even their music videos are really awesome. It’s one of the best compact disks of my collections. Whenever I turn on the radio and the songs come on, I recite the whole song word for word. I think that the group is going to be around for quite a while. Everyone is listening to them, and I think you should really, really consider buying this album. You would really enjoy it. It’s worth spending the $15 dollars. The album is the best.

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