Spike Lee Essay Research Paper Spike LeeThe

Spike Lee Essay, Research Paper

Spike Lee

The adult male we know as? Spike? was born Shelton Jackson Lee on

March 20, 1957 in Atlanta, Georgia. The first of five kids, he

got the moniker Spike from his female parent for being? a tough babe? .

Spike? s inclination to be hard is one that goes right back to the

cot. The baby Spike, much like the adult male he grew into, was little

but loud. The household he was born into was great for a figure of

grounds. His parents, college educated honeymooners, both came

from households emphasizing creativeness and black tradition. Bill Lee, Spikes

male parent, was born in 1929 in Snow Hill Alabama. He was a wind

composer/musician nicknamed? Bleek? . His female parent Jacquelyn

Shelton Lee taught art and black history. The Lees tried to transfuse a

sense of wit in their kids, along with educating them in

black civilization. They rationed the immature 1s? Television clip, Forbade

stone music, In favour of wind and common people, and had each progeny learn

to play a instrument. Spike, a shy, quiet male child, took guitar and

piano lessons. He besides played and loved every type of athletics.

Spike denies that he of all time had any ideas of going a movie

shaper in those early old ages. Becoming one of really few black movie

shapers has made Spike a black African American enterpriser

and has given many immature black people something to believe in

and strive for. Spike Lee parts as one of the universe? s most

controversial film makers therefore lending to the controversial

issues in his movies. Movies have a manner of enriching us like no other

art signifier. They can alter us, touch us and act upon us. They

can present us to foreign lands and foreign thoughts. At their best,

they can ask for us to reconsider our point of position. Spike Lee the

acclaimed film director/ producer/ writer/ histrion, is the most

influential film maker of his clip. His directing caused major

contention in his early old ages, but as he matured he began to

present his thoughts more open-mindedly and tolerantly. His

aggregation of movies enrich us with new ways that we as a human

race can larn to populate together in peace. His work builds new

roads for the universe to get down on a new journey. If Spike has his manner,

the journey that began as a hate-filled race war will turn into the

route of apprehension and tolerance that will one twenty-four hours terminal in

common regard and harmoniousness. Shelton Jackson? Spike? Lee has

been a hero to many people. He has brought out the existent issues

that people need to see and face.

( One last point: when it comes to capitalising names of races,

book publishing houses, magazines and newspapers all have their ain

policies and house manners. Some capitalize? White? but non

? inkinesss? ; others [ including Spike Lee? s books capitalise? Black? but

non? white? ] . Aiming to be just and grammatically rectify this

paper capitalizes them both )

II.Never has any immature black director/ producer/ writer/ actor/

editor done so much to pave the way for others to follow.

A. Spike Lee made his grade as an enterpriser by taking

the hazards necessary to do movies based on African American life.

1. ? He? s the one film maker who? s made it and stayed black?

said manager John Singleton ( Pa pg. 188 )

a. Spike Lee was among the first black film makers to win

regard in Hollywood with out traveling? Hollywood? . He had small

involvement in showy life styles that the movie industry offered.

b.Spike has made his movies to demo how it truly is for


c. Lee holds back no Michigan, he gives out the truth.

2. ? I want to be remembered for honest, true portraitures of inkinesss

and for being our profusion to the screen? says Spike ( Bernotas

pg-95 )

B.Spike was concerned that there were few inkinesss in

Hollywood working behind the cameras as manufacturers, managers,

camera operators. He dreamed of showing in a new epoch of black

filmmaking in Hollywood.

1. ? Spike put this tendency in trend? notes Mark Canton of

Warner Bros. ? His endowment opened the door for others? Van Peables

agrees. ? If it weren? T for Spike I wouldn? T be here. ? ( Bernotas

pg-93 )

C. ? I? m non doing films to go celebrated or go

foul rich or to hold ten million beautiful adult females. I merely want to

present black people as I know them. ? ( Bernotas pg-50 )

1. ? The of import thing is, I? m making what makes me

happy,99 % of the people in this universe go to their grave holding

worked at a occupation they hated. ? ( Bernotas pg-52 )

D. Spike has done much more than do films to assist out

his chap repressed black brother.

1. Spike has given money to many charities.

a. In sharing his wealth with the black community,

Spike established two one-year $ 5,000 grants, Spike Lees Minority

Fellow ship to assist two or three twelvemonth black pupils at New York

University Tisch School of the Humanistic disciplines.

B. He has besides gave $ 50,000 to United Negro Collage

Fund and raised an extra $ 200,000.

III. Spike Lee is one of the most racist bigots on the Earth! This

remark is really common among the uneducated educated.

A. ? I? m non a racialist ; I? m non a bigot ; I? m non an anti-semitic.

What I try to make with all my characters is offer what I feel are

honest portrayals of persons with both mistakes and digesting

characters? says Spike ( Parish pg.- 211 )

1. ? If critics are stating me that to avoid charges of

antisemitism all Judaic characters I write have to be theoretical account

citizens, and non one can be a scoundrel, darnel or a criminal, and that

no Judaic people have of all time exploited black creative persons in history of

amusement industry, that? s unrealistic and unfair. ? said Spike

( Patterson pg-159 )

a. All I have is inquiries. Very few of us have any existent


talkers of the UNTRUTH.


Is a individual a racialist if he/she dose non O.K. of interracial

matrimonies or relationships? Is white ever gon na be ALL RIGHT

and black GET BACK? Is the prototype of beauty in this universe

P >

ever gon na be the WHITE ANGLO-SAXON FEMALE? Is the black

male the ace human sexual he-man and that? s all? Are we of all time

gon na populate together in peace? asked Spike ( Patterson pg-171 )

B. ? We love? said Spike? love and hatred? he goes on? are

we gon na populate together? Together are we gon na populate? ? ( Patterson

pg-123 )

B. ? I? thousand black. It? s a fact. Like stating the sky is bluish. Am I acrimonious

about it? No. Am I angry about it? No. Am I aware what it

agencies to be a black in America today? Yes. ? Said Spike.

1. I? m white its a fact. Its like stating grass is green. Do I experience

superior about it? No. Make I keep violative positions about inkinesss

because of it? No. Am I cognizant of what it means to be black in

America today. Well possibly non. But I? m seeking. I know that no

white can of all time truly cognize what it means to be a different color-

no, non even with the black like me shoe-polish intervention. But,

contrary to what some racial groups proclaim, there are few of

us out there who recognize the earnestness of the state of affairs and

would wish to do some little part to bettering it.

a. ? Black people are non thought of as peers, ? argues

Spike, ? therefor you have a modification word like? black? manager. ?

he has a valid point Steven Spielberg or Martins Corsese, for

illustration are about ne’er referred to as? white? managers.

B. ? Anybody who? s black knows you have to be two or

three times better. I had to be at least that good in movie school,

and, in the big leagues, you? ve got to be ten times better. It affects

me ; your ne’er counted or judged as a individual. Its? black? this

and black that. But you try to set it past you, Focus on your work. ?

Says Spike

c. ? You truly transport a load as a black film maker. There

are so few black movies that when you do one it has to stand for

every black individual in the universe? argues Mr. Lee

d. ? My work is to set the huge profusion of black civilization on

movie. That? s a large occupation. I merely seek and pull upon the great civilization

we have as a people? ? explains Spike, ? from the music, novels,

and the streets. ?

C. What sort of black adult male gets respect?

1. Merely celebrated black work forces, otherwise people aren? T

interested and wont spring you the clip of twenty-four hours as a black adult male.

a. Michael Jordan.

b. Tiger Woods.

c. Michael Jackson.

d. Barry White.

D.In society and in filmmaking slurs against black African

Americans are normally accepted as portion of the linguistic communication and

text of films.

1. The movie Jackie Brown directed by Quentiin Tarantino had

inordinate usage of black slurs.

a. This movie used nigger an inordinate 38 times.

B. This is non the lone movie that has the inordinate usage of

slurs towards inkinesss. Others such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp

Fiction directed by Tarantion besides have unneeded usage.

2. Spike provinces? I? m non against the word and I use it, but non

overly. And some people speak that manner, ? Lee says. ? & # 8230 ; [ but ]

I want Quentin to cognize that all African- Americans do non believe

that word is voguish or slipperiness. ?

a. ? If I has used the word? kike? 38 times in Mo Better

Bluess, It would hold been my last picture. ? Argues Spike

LAST= One thing the white adult male can ne’er give the black adult male is

self-respect! The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

IIII. What is Spike seeking to make by doing these films?

A. Spike? I ne’er tried to place myself as a spokesman,

that? s something the media has tried to set upon me. ? He goes

on with? I? ve ne’er truly thought of myself as a interpreter for

all 35 million African Americans & # 8230 ; . All my positions have been entirely

my positions, and I think that there are African American people who

agree with me, but we besides have African Americans who wear? T

agree & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; It is a false belief that all of my critics are white. ?

1. Spike Lee says that he can non and does non desire to

be the Jesus of black filmmaking ; ? I? m non seeking to compensate

everything that? s been incorrect every bit far as movie and black people are

concerned for the last 100 old ages. ?

a. Spike feels? Every movie shouldn? T be about some

urban, hep hop drug thing. ?

b. Spike says? I? m non stating I? m the expansive pooh bah

of black film. I say this is a challenge. Lets be more originative.

B. Spike is seeking to maintain it existent by making the right thing.

1. He is remaining black despite the force per unit areas form society.

a. Lee makes films on his really questionable civilization.

b. Lee is seeking to do the universe a better topographic point.

Shutting ;

Spike Lee is, has been, and will everlastingly be one of the greatest

film makers of our clip. Merely because he doesn? t spend $ 200

million on his films or have elaborate SFX with dinosaurs doesn? T

mean he isn? t the pick of the harvest. Spike ne’er ceases to state

interesting and thought arousing narratives & # 8230 ; . The end of any good

film maker. Another end of Spikes is to take us on a way toward

a society with realequality. Spike has gone and shown us the manner

to this threw his films. Shes Got ta Have it? s shutting credits and

this paper include the lettering? this movie ( or paper ) was made

with no jeri coil and no drugs. ? Shelton Jackson Spike Lee is a

hero to us all, and if you don? Ts agree with me in the words of Mr.

Spike Lee? snog my buttocks two times. ?

2.It is difficult to acquire the proper sum of money to do a

good movie.

a.Spike? the ground I act in my movies, is because it? s easier to

acquire my movies made with me in them. There will come a clip,

hopefully shortly, where I won? Ts have to be in my movies to acquire them

made or to acquire the sort of money I want?

b.No one wanted to give him a opportunity and put money

in him but his ain grandma.

II.Five for five!

A.She? s Got Have It

1.Even the shred of this film rose inquiries.

a.What does she hold to hold?

b.How can he do a film like this, it is impoable.

2.Cost spike a grueling 175,000 dollars to acquire it made.

a.All where no name histrions and actress.


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