Spinal Stenosis

5 May 2017

False teachers were saying that self-control was not needed because deeds do not help the believers anyway. Peter continued to encourage believers to remain strong in their faith, by condemning the false teachers and defending the Parousia doctrine and difficulties of the last days. quickstudy. com) John also wrote a letter to the believers to get them back on track, to show the ifference between light and darkness, and to encourage the church to grow in genuine love for God and for one another. This letter was to also assure the believers of eternal life and genuine faith so they could enjoy the full benefit of their position of children of god. A second letter was written to warn believers against supporting false teachers.

John also addressed the importance of Christian responsibility to support preachers and missionaries. Later John wrote a third letter addressed to Gallus, the importance of hospitality, in which Gallus was later commended for. Diotrephes was condemned for his lack of hospitality and wanting to take control of the church. (3 John 9:10) The sins of the church such as pride, Jealousy, and slander are still present in the church. This problem had to be confronted, so that it will not continue to grow in the church. A short letter was written by Jude, who is the brother of James and half brother of Jesus”, denouncing an unidentified group of heretics and defending Christian’s traditions. (quickstudy. com)Jude illustrates attitudes from typical false teachers, which are pride, Jealousy, greed, lust for power, and disregard of God’s will. Jude gives examples: 1) Cain, who murdered his brother out of vengeful Jealousy (Genesis 4:1-16) 2) Balaam, who prophesied out of greed, not out of obedience to God’s command (Numbers 22-24).

The Revelations was written by John to assure Christians the return of Christ and unveiling of hidden realities. (quickstudy. com) He denounces evil and exhorts people to high Christian standards. He offers hope rather than gloom, John was not attempting to predict the future; he was only describing what God had shown. In conclusion the letters written by Paul, Peter, John and Jude were to make the elievers aware ot the problems in the church . Those letters were also intended to assure Christians of triumph of Christ through the apostles and symbols.

Near the end of John’s life he received a vision from God, John then recorded and wrote the book of Revelation. The Revelation was probably the last works by the church in the first century. References: Life application study bible- NIV. (2005). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale Publishers. Niswonger, R. (1992). New Testament history. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Smith, M. Div, Thomas. New Testament Quick Study Academic. Retrieved from http:// www. quickstudy. com 2

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