Jewel has finally come out with a follow up to her platinum album, “Pieces of You.” Jewel Kilcher is known for her soothing sounds and intricate harmonies. And in the new album, “Spirit,” Jewel gives us exactly what we expected. Her hit single, “Hands,” went to the top of the charts even before the album was released. Many of the songs on “Spirit” are beautiful love songs that easily relax a person and change their mood from stressed to mellow.

In Jewel’s first album, “Pieces of You,” she explored her spirituality in songs like “Who Will Save Your Soul,” and even some controversial issues in songs such as “Little Sister.” In the new album, “Spirit,” the songs are mostly, if not all, love songs. Even though the constant theme of love can be tiresome, Jewel maintains her original goal of making quality music. “Spirit” ends up with a lot of different sounds and melodies that could entrance you for a full hour, or put you to sleep.

Jewel succeeds in bringing out an album that is different from many recent ones. It is definitely not in-your-face rock music. What it does do is represent folk-based songs that express her feelings about love and spirituality. In order to get away from the “hustle and bustle” of everyday life, Jewel’s new album “Spirit” might be a worthy purchase. But I’m sure your teachers wouldn’t approve if you listen to this before you do your homework, because these songs will put you in a coma if you’re not careful.

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