Spiritual Laws Of Sucess Essay Research Paper

Religious Laws Of Sucess Essay, Research Paper

Following the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has made me the individual that I am today. The Torahs that we have followed have been the Law of Pure Potentiality, the Law of Giving, the Law of Karma or Cause and Effect, the Law of Least Effort, the Law of Intention and Desire, the Law of Detachment, and the Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life. These Torahs have taught me that success is non a finish it is a journey. They have taught me that true success is the flowering of the deity within us. And following these stairss has helped me to happen success with in myself.

Using the first measure in the Law of Pure Potentiality was really hard for me because I live on campus. It was really hard for me to chew over one time a twenty-four hours, allow alone twice a twenty-four hours. The lone clip I was able to, was in the forenoon when the remainder of my roomies were kiping. I wake up 15 proceedingss early, wash my face so that I do non fall back to kip and so I go back into my room and sit on my bed to seek and chew over. This works like 4 times a hebdomad because I am normally excessively tired and fall back to kip. The yearss that I can remain awake and chew over I feel much happier with my ego. It normally clears my caput and makes it seem like I have no concerns. Everyday I follow the 2nd measure of the Law of Pure Potentiality. I commune with nature. Most yearss I merely sit in the green and watch the foliages blow around, I normally pick out one peculiar foliage and ticker where it goes. I follow the foliage on its journey, it is truly astonishing. Once a hebdomad I try to travel to Verona Park and stand on the span over the pool and watch the H2O flow and the geese and ducks swim. My clip in the park and in the green truly mellows me out because I see how free the animate beings and the workss and the H2O unrecorded and recognize all my concerns in the long tally are non truly of import. It makes me see how simple life truly is. The 3rd measure in the Law of Pure Potentiality was the most hard to obey, it still is highly hard for me. All my life for some ground I have been judgmental, I ever made remarks on others apparels or their demeanour. Not ever in a negative manner, normally I am merely saying things that I have noticed. It is like 2nd nature to me particularly because my household and friends are the same manner. After larning about this jurisprudence and discoursing it I noticed how much I really do it. Everyday I catch myself traveling to do remarks. I normally I stop myself before I speak, I do non ever though. It is really hard for me, it upsets me a batch when I am judgmental. I have gotten much better than I was. I notice how I am non judging where in the past I usually would.

The Law of Giving stairss are non as hard for me to follow as the Law of Pure Potentiality. The first measure is the hardest for me. I do non ever retrieve to convey a gift wherever I go, and sometimes I feel like it is inappropriate, that others will believe that I am eldritch. Like when I am traveling to person that I do non cognize that good & # 8217 ; s house for a short clip, and when I go to my fellows & # 8217 ; house because I go at that place so frequently I think they would believe it was unusual that I was ever conveying gifts. Although, when I go to friends houses for dinner or for nightlong I do conveying a gift, like cookies, french friess, or sodium carbonate. Something little that they would appreciate and really utilize. I have ever done that because that is what my female parent taught me to make, out of courtesy. The 2nd measure of the Law of Giving is non that hard because who doesn & # 8217 ; Ts like gifts. Sometimes I get diffident and have problem accepting them but most of the clip I do non hold a job. Accepting the gifts of nature is non difficult for me to make because I ever halt and look and appreciate how lucky I am to be where I am and how lucky I am to cognize how beautiful that life is. The 3rd measure of the Law of Giving I do every dark before I go to bed. I do this through my relationship with God. When I pray at dark I pray that everyone that I have met and that I know will be happy and healthy. That is how I follow this jurisprudence, I think that it is a good manner, and the best manner for me to set this jurisprudence into action.

The three stairss that I must follow when seting the Law of Karma into action I do all in one measure. When I make a pick, I stop and inquire myself what the effects of my actions will convey and I ask for counsel to assist me come the determination that is right for me and compensate for all those that will be affected by my pick. For major picks making all of these stairss is non hard for me. For illustration, when I had to do the determination of whether or non to discontinue my occupation at the beauty salon that worked at because of an statement with my foreman. My initial reaction to the statement was to discontinue on the topographic point because I had another occupation that would give me more hours if I needed them and because I did non necessitate the extra emphasis that it was doing me. Then I stopped and thought about the pick that I would be doing. I thought about what would go on to me if I quit and how it would impact the other people that I worked for. I thought about how I truly enjoyed the occupation and the people that I worked with, and how I would lose the experience. Then I thought about how discontinuing would non merely be aching my foreman, who I was angry with, but it would besides ache everyone else that worked there. I realized that this determination, like most determinations, would non merely be impacting me. Then I imagined what it would be like non working at that place any longer and I became disquieted because I knew deep down that it would non be the right thing for me to make particularly if I did it that suddenly. The clip I spent believing about discontinuing besides lessened the badness of the statement and I realized that such a cockamamie dissension was no ground to discontinue a occupation over. The clip that I spent looking a the effects of my actions made me in the terminal decide that I should non discontinue, and since that state of affairs I have seen more and more how damaging it would hold been if I had. If I had non followed these stairss I would hold made a large error. These stairss are easy to follow on major determinations like me discontinuing my occupation, they are really hard to follow for miniscule determinations like what clip I should travel to the cafeteria for dinner. It seems like a waste of clip for me to sit and believe about what might go on if I go at 5:00 as opposed to traveling at 6:00. It is besides hard for me to do the first measure of even recognizing that I am doing a pick. Such little determinations are so commonplace and go on so frequently that I do non even notice that they are go oning. My life style is so hurried and rushed that it is about impossible for me to see them. I am trusting that in the hereafter I will be able to halt and detect these determinations that I make every twenty-four hours and use this jurisprudence to these determinations. After larning and moving on this jurisprudence I have seen that its is truly true. One twenty-four hours in category Professor Diab asked us to assist her make her mailing lists because she could non make it entirely. She told us that it if we helped her that something similar would go on to us because of this jurisprudence. She besides said it would non come to us or we would non be able to see it if we are looking for it, so I wholly blocked it out of my head. Late that dark my friends and I went to Dunkin Donuts for a late dark bite. We were all really hungry but since we are hapless college pupils we were really limited on what we could acquire. When we order our nutrient the teller told us we could acquire every bit much as we wanted. She gave us 60 free munchins, 4 free drinks, and 4 free doughnuts, for no ground. It was the refund of assisting out Professor Diab. Like this jurisprudence teaches, what you sow is what you reap. What goes about comes around. I helped out my instructor and in bend the adult female at Dunkin Donuts helped us out.

Puting the Law of Least Effort I

nto consequence has been highly hard for me to make. I am a really strong-willed individual ; it is really difficult for me to accept the positions of other people. Every individual in my household is ever right all the clip. We all have problem acknowledging to being incorrect. The first measure of practising credence and the last measure of practising defencelessness are the most hard for me. In many state of affairss in the yesteryear I have gotten into het statements with people whose position differed from mine, and I besides get defensive when people say that I am incorrect. I ever defend my positions because I do non desire to look like I do non cognize what I am speaking about. I have been making my best to follow these stairss. Now when people disagree with me I listen to their positions and accept that they feel otherwise than I do. When people question my positions I do non acquire defensive I merely state them that they have their ain positions and that I have my ain. Through this jurisprudence I have learned and seen that when I do non accept other people’s positions that I am merely aching myself by fighting with them. After I accept state of affairss and things for what they are I accept duty for my actions in these state of affairss. I can now see that in what may foremost look to be a job is an chance in camouflage. For illustration, me neglecting the fiscal accounting class that I am taking at first seems to be a large job in that it is conveying down my classs and that I had antecedently thought that I wanted to go an accountant. But after practising this jurisprudence I have realized that it is a approval in camouflage because it has enabled me to see that going an history is non the best calling for me. Failing this class is coercing me look at other possible businesss that I could hold and that I will be much happier in. Me practising defencelessness has changed me a great trade. In staying unfastened to different points of position and listening to others alternatively of supporting myself I have seen and learned so much. Using this jurisprudence has taught me how to listen and how non to merely hear people when we speak.

I began using the Law of Intention and Desire in category. I made a list of my desires. I carry it around with me mundane, I keep it in the back pocket of my bloomerss. I look at this sheet of paper when I wake up in the forenoon and before I go to bed at dark. On this list are things like how I want to make good in school and how I want my male parent to be proud of me, and how when I get older I want to be merrily married with a household. I believe in destiny and I have accepted the fact that when things do non look to be traveling my manner that there is a ground for it and that there is a greater image that I merely do non see where things are working out. This jurisprudence has made me accept things and occurrences for what they are and that my hereafter is what hI brand of it through my purposes and desires. For illustration, I know that if my fellow I are to interrupt up that there is greater ground for it. That the stoping of our relationship will non intend that I am destined to be entirely for the remainder of my life, it will merely intend that I non intend to be with him and that interrupting up with him is leting me to day of the month other people. And in dating other people I will some twenty-four hours happen my psyche mate. I have surrendered all of my desires to the uterus of creative activity knowing that the cosmic program has designs for me much grander so even those I have conceived. I now focus on present-moment consciousness non leting my concerns of the hereafter devour my life.

The first measure in Law of Detachment Teachs me to take part in everything with degage engagement. I have had to accept the fact that I do non hold the reply to everything, and that in trying to happen the replies creates extra jobs. I have brought this measure into every facet of my life. I have used this measure to assist with my categories. Not following this measure is shown when I try to do an reply on my math prep work. When I used to make this, a different job will be on a trial and because I forced the reply to work on the prep I am unable to calculate it out the right reply. By accepting that I do non cognize the replies every thing the solutions to the job are able to emerge out of the job with out me detecting. Bringing me to the 2nd measure of the Law of Detachment. The more unsure that things seem to be the more secure I will experience because I now am comfy with uncertainness. Geting into this life style has made me able experience all the escapade and enigma in life. I am no longer scared of what is traveling to go on I accept that I do non cognize and I go with the flow. By no longer holding to worry about holding the reply and definitions of life I have found security in the fact that I do non cognize what is traveling to go on and that the replies will happen me.

The stairss needed to be followed to set the Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life into action have taught me many things. By following the first measure I have nurtured my psyche, and my inner being. Fostering myself has brought out and made me see all of the beautiful endowments that I possess that set me apart from others. This realisation has led me to the following measure. After I followed the first measure and found my endowments I wrote them down on a piece of paper. I keep this paper with me at all times because there are times when I will see another endowment that I possess that I have non antecedently seen. For illustration, when I look into myself I saw that I had the endowment of being a fostering individual along with other endowments. I did non hold on the list that I have the endowment of holding the ability to remain true to myself and that I do non clasp under equal force per unit area. I realized this when I was at a party and a group of people wanted me to make shrooms with them. They were really relentless in acquiring me to make it. They would non go forth me alone it got to the point where they were dissing me for non making it, by stating I was a babe and non a existent friend. It was something right out of a Television film. I ne’er gave in though I repeatedly said no and turned them down and finally I left the party and said you cats are non worth me cognizing because they were so wholly non accepting the fact that I did non desire to make the drugs. Afterwards I thought about what had happened I realized there are many people that I know that would non hold done the same thing in that state of affairs. And I was proud of myself, I realized that this was another endowment that I possessed. I took out my paper while no 1 was looking and added it to my list. I use this list and the recognition of these endowments to assist others. I know that when others are in a similar state of affairs I will support them and their positions. Making this, utilizing my endowments to assist others makes me experience really good about myself. I now have moved on to the 3rd measure of the Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life. I ask myself mundane How I can assist others. I have realized that the replies to this inquiry will assist me to function my fellow human existences with love. And with assisting my fellow human existences with love I am in bend assisting myself with love.

These stairss have helped me get down to happen the deity with in myself, or happen success. I have non to the full found myself because I have non been able to utilize or understand these Torahs wholly. They have been really hard for me to follow because they are inquiring me to alter my life wholly. I have started to slowly implement them and take a good sum of clip on each jurisprudence trusting that seting Forth a great trade of attempt will do them easier to carry through. Through pattern and speculation I think that I will go more comfy with these Torahs to the point where I do non even notice that I am following them. When this category ends I will non halt utilizing these Torahs, I have realized the mistake in my ways. I believe that following these Torahs will convey me to true felicity and success.

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