Spiritual Life Evaluation Essay Sample

9 September 2017

I was born in Mutare. My female parent was an active church member and she went to the The United Baptist Church in Sakubva Township. So I was raised in a Christian background though my male parent did non travel to church. However even though he did non travel to church. he wanted to see all his kids go to church. Every Sunday we would wake up early to go to Sunday school. Mrs Mlambo who was besides the pastors’s married woman. was our instructor. Sunday school started at 9:00am and I truly enjoyed my Sunday school. Sunday school for me was a clip to see church friends after a long hebdomad of separation. We would read bible poetries and the instructor would explicate these poetries to us. At times we would be required to memorise these poetries as prep. We would sing vocals full of dance and clapping custodies. One of the common vocals are: Verse 1

My Bible. my bible and I ( repetition )
Oh. what a fantastic hoarded wealth. God gave without step.
We are going together. my bible and I.
Verse 2
My Jesus. my Jesus and I ( repetition )

Spiritual Life Evaluation Essay Sample Essay Example

This went on until I was eleven old ages old when I besides graduated from Sunday school to Junior Youth. As a immature miss. this did non intend much to me and I viewed it as merely a manner of life. At the age of 13 I went for baptism lessons which preceded baptism. We were subsequently to convey white apparels on the twenty-four hours of baptism and we were to have on these white apparels after taking the wet apparels. When it was my bend to be baptized. I meditated the phrases and words said in the baptism discourse. The curate said ” I have buried the old Winnie. you are now a new creation” . We all wore white apparels and the church was so thrilled and there was exultation. Each one of us was asked to take a new name since we were now new people and I chose Tsitsi. I kept on reflecting on what had taken topographic point and certainly I felt the new alteration. I was sorry for all the wickednesss I had done before and I cried and groaned. I could experience the love of Jesus who died for me on the cross. The above is the history of how I came to Christ. Everything about me changed. I now had a passion to populate a religious life. I prayed and besides seriously sung vocals of congratulations and worship to the Lord Maturing in Christ.

From that religious experience I had passion in reading the Word of God. I followed and ne’er wanted to lose a discourse. I tried to populate harmonizing to Christian life. For my leisure clip I stopped traveling to the film and I preferred traveling for church activities. My desire was to make voluntary church work. Some of the voluntary work that I did included brushing the floors. cleansing Windowss and other such housework jobs. I besides went for assorted young person conventions and it was ever a pleasance for me. I was married and I was an active church member. My hubby used to come with me even though he was non yet a Born once more Christian.

I prayed for him until he had an brush with Jesus Christ besides. In that twelvemonth I saw God. I organized devotedness clip for the household and we would make devotednesss one time every hebdomad. It helped me maturate spiritually. My hubby was subsequently appointed deacon in 2005. I worked with him closely and sometimes I was left to make ministry work while he was off. As a deacons married woman. the Pastor would sometimes inquire me to take the women’s meetings. These experiences made me pray to God for wisdom. The prayer life I was populating made me hold a closer relationship with God which made me mature and finally made me want to larn the religious life hence today I am at Harare Theological College. Hindrances to Growth

In 1992 when I joined Bethel Assemblies Church. there were regular women’s family meetings. We met every Wednesday. Pastor Irene Charema. the married woman to my bishop was the 1 who facilitated the women’s meetings and she ever delivered fantastic discourses that uplifted my spirit. The meetings were subsequently re-scheduled from Wednesday to Saturday in a move to suit working adult females. For ground beyond my apprehension. the religious lesson reduced. there was hapless attending and the meetings were no longer consistent as per agenda. This wedged negatively on my religious life as such was a hinderance to my religious growing. I still had a strong ardor and desire to make the past events but it continued to be a thing of the yesteryear. The church is being taken as a concern venture by some church leaders. Church members pay for the curates personal domestic disbursals. They are put on church budget. Expenses include curates food markets. monthly measures. vesture allowance. auto disbursals and medical measures etc. These can be donated voluntarily by capable members and non to be mandatory. This frustrates uncapable church members and other members will stop up go forthing the church.

It was an hinderance to me when I lost some people from the leading squad who used to promote me in hard and good times. Leaderships are excessively busy such that they forego the work of God making their ain concern. On particular one time off occasions like New Year. Easter. Christmas and nuptialss of long functioning member the leaders will be absent. Church members will be so aroused and looking frontward to acquire a good visual aspect from the leaders merely to detect that they did non even come for the event with no proper justification given as to the absence. The terminal consequence is that members lose assurance in their leaders and I am besides one such member who has been affected. It disturbs me because I would wish to see leaders being model.

In some cases I will be entirely as leader and the planned dockets will non come out as planned and people will fault the full leading squad. Of class I will be guiltless but no 1 will cognize that. Personally I had a batch of work last twelvemonth. I visited the secret plan during the hebdomad in Marondera and I was unable to come for church plans during the hebdomad and this affected my confidant relationship with God. I missed fellowship clip with my group. that is when I learnt that we are household non a mere group. Due to the above challenges the church becomes dead and it will non turn. Mature religious members will now go forth the church and articulation other churches. The state of affairs affected the staying members and I was among the affected people and it impacted my religious life negatively. Religious Life

I made my head non to be moved by physical and religious challenges. My religious life is now stable and firm. I fellowship at Bethel Assemblies Church. Most challenges including those I have discussed above made me a strong Christian. Hindrance taught me to trust on God ever and non work forces. Therefore. I take them as stepping rocks to my success in the ministry instead than faltering blocks. They have really developed me spiritually and I have nil to repent. in fact I point myself blessed. I sometimes organised prayer Sessionss with the young person group and women’s group. I am entrusted with the assets of the church which I keep at my house such as kitchenware. decor fabric and church instruments to advert a few. I besides take bends with the curate and the deacon ( my hubby ) to take different church events. It is my duty to see that the church decor has been done good and on clip. When the curate and his household travel on leave. we are left to make all the ministry work. We have no challenges. alternatively church members appreciate our ministry and leading. We have no church edifice of our ain and we rent. since our subdivision is new and little.

On this footing I offer my place as a locale for different church activities. The activities include administrative meetings. church kitchen teas. bachelor’s parties and other events done during the hebdomad. I aspire to be a religious giant hence the passion to larn about religious life. I would love to be an revivalist of the good intelligence to people in future. This I will make to friends. households. communities. continents and worldwide. I will get down by organizing devotedness clip one time a hebdomad with my household. I will subsequently ask for people of all walks in life. my neighbors. my friends and relations. As the group grows I will divide it and open other Centres of family in the community. Further subdivisions of family can be opened once more harmonizing to different similar groups. These will include kids. young person. adult females. work forces. widows. particular people and others. The groups will be taught the rules of religious life and how to obey them. I will hold followings who will move as adherents to distribute the good intelligence to the universe.

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