Spirituality and Art

The term has changed throughout modern day society that it can now be classes as a separate entity from religion itself. Three key contemporary artists that use their works to convey the message of spirituality are; Alex Grey- The Artists Hand, 1997, OLL on wood, xx 6 Inches; H. R Geiger The Spell l, 1973, Acrylic, Ink on wood 240x280cm and Colossal Leaseholds – The Oracle, 2009, Painting, Pastel on canvas 16 x 21. 9 Inches.

Each one of these three pieces has a different take on what the artist personally believes spirituality is.Alex Grey is that of a visionary artist best known for his depictions of the human DOD. The multiple layers of reality, revealing the complex integration of body, mind, and spirit has become his trademark in the ass’s. His paintings have been featured on various covers of albums and have been exhibited throughout the world. (Haggier, 2006) The artist’s hand, 1997, holds a powerful instrument, here symbolized by a “Vassar brush,” Is a means to awaken people to their own essence through the light of higher power.The history of art is an expression of universal creativity that Invisibly surrounds and supports every creative action. The Vassar Is a spiritual device, a hundredfold scepter owned by the Hindu god Indri and adopted by the Buddhist sages as a symbol of the diamond-like clarity and brilliance of the mind’s true nature.

(Alex Grey) This is a key point in Grey piece along with his signature of the human body. The Artists Hand shows the layers of a human body each layer showing a new representation of it.The Vassar has lightning obtruding from it and the figurines in the background are all that of superstitious being either being a direct decent of a religion or an ancient civilization. The incorporation of the eye is one that with background search tells of a clarity to the artists beliefs. Grey interpretation of spirituality in which his pieces show that his definition comes from the human body and key charka elements. To Grey It seems that spirituality comes from within the human body rather then of a religious origin.Geiger however uses his Interpretation of the relationships that the body has, The Spell I (1973) by H.

R. Geiger shows the relationship between man and machine. Structure to the next level, allowing evolution to take place with the existing aid of machinery. The visuals presented in Jigger’s artwork tell the story of how humankind s affected by its surroundings and what we take for granted. This is Jigger’s idea of our future and if we keep relying on a machinery to complete our tasks we will become one with machine living in a cultures society. Mark, 1982) Unlike Grey, Geiger use of the human body is more conceptual in a mechanical way; he utilizes the concept of the matrix in his piece along with key spirituality symbols like the horned female and the skull. Even though futuristic his take on spirituality is that of a symbolic method.

Cosmic Legislative is a well-rounded spiritual artist who is said to e artist of the world – who unlike Geiger and Grey is inspired by life and the cultural heritage and ancient symbols. Her pieces are of less refinance and are that of an exploratory piece.Legislative channels her spirituality through nature and meditation; her piece uses ancient symbols and meanings. Her interpretation of The Oracle, 2009, is that of a dreamlike appearance. Her use of position allows the viewer to focus of the clarity of the eyes in the piece. The use of her medium is crucial in this piece and so is the symbolic meaning behind it. Comparing this piece to Jigger’s and Grey it is clear that it is more earthy then the two others.

Grey and Geiger have a precision to their pieces that Legislative does not capture however each artist expresses in their own way what they think spirituality is.Geiger and Grey even though having slight common grounds take very different paths with their concepts. The use of the human body has been a key feature throughout each of these three pieces and shows that the human body is a crucial piece in the Journey through spirituality. Spirituality is still a term that lacks certain defiance or a definitive function, although social scientists have tried to define spirituality as the search for the scared’; which is broadly defined as that which is set apart from the ordinary.The term itself still remains broadly defined; however you may choose to argue the points that of the artists, Alex Grey, H. R Geiger and Cosmic Legislative each convey through their works as the definition. Each has tried to convey their own definition of spirituality though their own works.

But at the end of the day spirituality is something that one defines within themselves through their beliefs, attitudes and values; it is meeting that will remain till the end of time as an undefined term that through various artistic channels many try to seek its true origins.

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