Spirituality and Magical Realism

lity We communicate with people by exchange information between each other. We talk by verbal and nonverbal communication. These tools are used to help us process this information. Those tools are speaking, listening, and our body language, all of these tools help us communicate and to understand others. In the Hispanic and Latino literature they communicate through spirituality, magic, and through myth.

These tools play an important part in the way they communicate to one another in their culture. We as American seem to take things for granted of things that are not important and not focus on things that are important. In the story “the Curing Woman” by Alejandro Morales, draws on the traditional Mexican folktale, it has the elements of social realism and magical realism. The story describes the life of women by the name of Dona Marcelina and Trujillo Benidorm. Marcelina leaves her home at a young age, at the age of thirteen years old, so that she could be with her mother.

Marcelina mother was a healer. Marcelina became widely known for her art for curing people. The story was all about the cure of a particular young boy by the name Delfino, who had malady that could not be cured by doctors. The story is more of a myth then reality. To be a doctor we have to go to school. But to cure people like that was in the story Marcelina had no schooling. This is where the spiritual comes in, this is something I believe in. For the young boy to be healed he had to have faith.

When we talk about the spirit what I take from it is the Holy Spirit that Jesus left for us and this gives us the power to heal just like Marcelina did in the story. The person that is being healed has to believe in the Holy Spirit in order for them to be healed. The evidence of spiritually and magic in the story “The Curing Women” was a major part of the story. This is about women having the power to heal the sick. How she healed was her using the spiritual natural to heal people. Humans have many deep spiritual experiences but they don’t share all of them because of what others may think. Spiritual and magical elements are important to a story because they make the reader dream. Dreams help the reader think about what you are telling them. Spiritual is important in storytelling because it is recognized as an important part of healing, and also self-knowledge. The spiritual stories connect us to other people and to God. Magical realism is a way for the writer to change the way in which the reader think. Magical realism sparks the reader imagination and it has the effect on the reader fusion of their dreams.

It also helps the readers to see things from a different point of view. In the story “The Curing Women” the curing of the boy was the magical realism people say she can’t heal people that have to be magic. Magical realism is a literary style originated in Latin America. Magical realism is important because it takes the readers to see real but it is just fiction. Not saying magical realist is not connected to reality or political motivation, but they have both because it helps the readers see a different view of different issues.

Both of these elements are important to the Hispanic literature because of their culture and to the storytelling to the culture. Both element s brings the cultures together by give the history of the culture. Spiritual, magic and myth is important to the Hispanic and Latino literature. All three elements help the story grow in a way that the readers can take the story and see it in a different way. The author takes the character and mingles what they do and also the events that happen in that story. By the author mingling

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