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Spirituality Essay, Research Paper


Authentic Christian Spirituality to me is a day-to-day pattern of reading, supplication,

speculation and contemplation. Where your experiences are centered on God though his boy

Jesus Christ. You need to larn about Jesus and his instructions, to take part on a day-to-day footing

and to be scruples of the occurrences and behaviors of Jesus. Once you learn this you need to

pattern your life after this cognition that you have acquired. I see the Christian Spirituality

as a journey of life that will stop with the integrity of God. The book & # 8220 ; Christian Spirituality & # 8221 ; has

offered many suggestions for one to go in melody with his or her ain spiritualty. The book

educates you on the religious journey by naming your attending to people that are the listeners

and actors of the word, what the religious journey is, approximately supplication, speculation and

contemplation, asceticism, mysticism, purdah, friendly relationship and the Eucharist.

Hearers and actors of the Word are those people that have written books or that have

lived the word of God. In a religious journey one should look at the plants of these people in

order to derive insight an cognition. There are the church male parents such as St. Augustine,

Aelred of Rievaulx, and Clement of Rome. There are besides many religious authors that offer

penetrations such as John of the Cross, and Thomas Merton. There is besides the Bible that will

offer penetrations into the instructions of Jesus. The listeners and actors of the Word can assist to

develop a individual & # 8217 ; s spiritualty by leting penetration on what others have seen and done, more

like developing a discipleship to follow the word of God.

The religious journey can been seen in phases of a individual & # 8217 ; s life through the sacraments:

baptism, verification, Holy Eucharist, rapprochement, and the anointment of the ill. Or as noted by

the Second Vatican Council the church is seen as a & # 8220 ; pilgrim people & # 8221 ; . Meaning that we are

still larning on our journey to cognize Jesus. Whichever manner you see the religious journey it is

of import that you realize that the journey can be hard at times or experience as idea it has

slowed down. Our experiences should learn us and do us look towards God. It is good to

cognize that we are non entirely when we are doing our journey. There are people/friends that

can assist to promote us, or an writer & # 8217 ; s works which can edify us to maintain up our journey

to a religious life.

Prayer is an of import portion in the route to a healthy religious life. I have learned that

supplication has significance and is the connexion to God. Prayer is the belief in religion.

There are many ways that you can pray. Praying with the Bible, doing mundane life a

supplication, you can do speculation and prayer a day-to-day activity, that involves quiet reflective

clip. Prayer helps you to feel the presence of God, to name upon Him in a clip a demand, to

request to Him, to thank Him, and to adore Him. Praying is besides a clip to listen to what

God may hold to state to.

Meditation is where the head is focused on a individual point of mention. It is where you

are raising the grac

vitamin E of God. It is a agency of achieving a witting brotherhood with God through

the usage of a supplication. In a basic sense it is a clip where you become quite and experience God & # 8217 ; s

presence. A clip to enjoy in God & # 8217 ; s love or worship, in other words contemplation.

Meditation and contemplation is the hunt for God.

Asceticism allows one to make a higher religious province by utilizing self-discipline and

self-denial. This is accomplished by making certain patterns such as fasting, voluntary

celibacy, praying or a life of charity to advert a few. These patterns are the agencies to a

greater terminal. An illustration is prayer and fasting as a manner to acquire rid of immorality. Asceticism is seen

as a way or preparation so that the result equals a better Christian life. Asceticism besides draws

into supplication, speculation and contemplation so that you hear God talking to you, hence

you become closer to God.

The mystical experience is an brush with God. The book describes it as & # 8220 ; an

embracing of one & # 8217 ; s humanity, a humanity that finds its fulfilment in populating more consciously in

the presence of God. & # 8221 ; ( pg. 124 ) Some mystics that may be of involvement are

Bernard of Clairvaux, Hildegard and Julian Norwich. These writers have written of their

experiences with God and the transmutations that they have gone through. The reading of

the mystics can assist one to populate in the presence of God.

Solitude is clip for contemplation. Solitude is a clip to go in melody with yourself and

God. Once you have had this clip of purdah you are more in melody to take back to

the community what you may hold felt or learned. The book sums up the thought by stating

& # 8220 ; Quiet times, some silence, some clip entirely is necessary for everyone who seeks saneness and

sanctity. Furthermore, the hunt for God and the understanding of of import determinations in life

require contemplation and supplication that merely solitude makes possible. & # 8221 ; ( pg. 160 )

Friendship is of import for a good life. Friendship allows a individual to portion thoughts,

feelings and conversations. In brief friendly relationship and friends, as stated by Aristotle is & # 8220 ; needed

for felicity, and they help each other become virtuous & # 8221 ; hence, & # 8220 ; virtuousness and felicity

do society a community, non a aggregation of individuals. & # 8221 ; ( pg. 168 ) Friendships will assist to

edify us as a individual because of the sharing done between people.

Last, the Eucharist is the jubilation of Christianity. The Holy sacrament is seen as the

necessary factor to convey the religious life to it & # 8217 ; s extremum. The Holy sacrament is the worshipping of the

triune of God. It is a clip to listen to the word of God, rejoice in the presence of God, to

accept and love thy neighbour, to accept the blood and organic structure of Jesus Christ and so transport out

the message of the Holy Spirit.

In drumhead, you can see that the definition of spiritualty is non one solid definition.

Spiritualty has different significances to everyone. Above merely summarizes a little part of

what encompasses the significance of spiritualty. With pattern, devotedness, and find one

can come to understand the significances of spiritualty and go closer to God by making so.

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