Spirituality In the Workplace

Discusses the article “The Ethics of Shrewdness” and how it helps Christians remain true to their faith in the workplace.

This paper explains how spirituality in the workplace has become an important topic since the 1990?s. The paper uses the article, “The Ethics of Shrewdness”, to help show how Christians can remain true to their faith while maintaining relationships with others that do not share that faith so that they may be successful in business together.
“Christians in the workplace face many rash and fastidious decisions. In the workplace, a manager may argue against dishonorable acts because they may ruin the company’s reputation, but he may not imply that those acts are wrong in the eyes of God. During competition and pressure to succeed in business, he or she is enticed to be ?shrewd.? A beneficial quality in decision-making is shrewdness. ?The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines the word shrewd to mean ?sagacious, sensible, discriminating, astute, judicious.??(McLoughlin 5) However, cutting corners or cheating to achieve success, as well as bribery are considered to be shrewd business. In order to remain successful in business endeavors, one must be shrewd in these pacifications. In undertaking decisions, absolute ethics would prohibit this fashion of shrewdness. Therefore, a Christian’s coherence to an absolute measurement of virtue is viewed as business suicide as well as “religious fanaticism.? In order to coexist with a value system that is opposite of their beliefs, a Christian in the workplace can relate to other business people by simply being shrewd.”
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