Sports and healthy lifestyle

– What function does feature play in your life?

– Although I do non travel in for athleticss, I am fond of such activities that allow me to maintain tantrum at place. I start with running so I take exercising programmes.

– Make your friends go in for athleticss?

– Some of them go in for athleticss and athleticss activities such as swimming, skiing, playing badminton, ice hockey, football or hoops. Unfortunately, public athleticss installations are non ever available to my friends, and they are engaged into out-of-door activities. Most of them prefer running. They put on the white ‘trainer ‘ places and tracksuits and run through the Parkss or along the streets for half an hr a twenty-four hours.

– Do secondary schools functionaries pay attending to athleticss?

– Russian schools use athleticss activities as a manner of learning societal values. Among these are teamwork and sportsmanship. The mean secondary school offers its students such athleticss as football, hoops, track-and-field. Being intelligent and being good in athleticss are regarded as an ideal.

– Bash you frequently attend a swimming pool?

– I enjoy swimming that is why twice a hebdomad I go to the swimming pool in fall, winter and spring. In summer I swim in the lakes and rivers. But most of all I like to swim in the Black sea.

– Is the healthy life-style popular in Russia?

– Yes, surely. Today everybody wants to be fit, experience good, look slender and stay immature. Everyone who wants can take part in athleticss activities in our state. Many fittingness nines and public leisure Centres have been built during the past old ages. These modern Centres with their swimming pools, squash tribunals, gym and indoor tribunals for tennis are viing with film and theaters as topographic points for people to travel to pass their leisure clip. There one can happen a leisure pool with a moving ridge machine, H2O slides and tropical workss Families can pass their vacations at immense indoor H2O Parkss. In such pools people in the chief splash and non swim.

– What do you cognize about athleticss in foreign states?

– Nowadays athleticss and activities are stylish in Europe and America. For illustration, popular endurance contests are now held everyplace. Lots of people want to see if they can run 42 kilometer and make it faster than everyone else. The large metropolis endurance contests, in London and New York, are of import featuring events. Television cameras and newspapers report them in item. Harmonizing to the latest figures the most popular athleticss in Europe and America are walking, cycling, jogging, playing football and golf. Other popular athleticss are bowling, badminton, tennis. Experts are inquiring a really of import inquiry: should athleticss be taken earnestly or should it be merely for merriment?

– What do you believe about it?

– I think, it depends upon the people ‘s pick. Some people want to travel in for athleticss earnestly, others consider it to be a manner to maintain tantrum.

– What athleticss are British fond of?

– Sports play an of import portion in the life of the English people. All athleticss are really popular among them. The national British athleticss are: football, golf, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, snooker, steeplechase, racing, darts. The British are fond of football which is of two sorts at that place: association football ( association football ) and rugger. Englishmans like all sorts of rushing. Horse-racing, motor-car racing, boat-racing, dog-racing, donkey-racing are really popular in England.

– What athleticss are popular in American?

– Such athleticss as hockey, association football, weight-lifting, path and field, tennis, rowing, wrestle, golf, hoops, volleyball, pugilism, figure-skating, cross-country skiing, swimming, judo and shot are popular in the USA. The assortment and size of the state, its different climes and the people ‘s love of competitions of any type can explicate the big pick of athleticss in America. The most recent unusual athletics that first reached popularity in the USA is triathlon. It includes swimming, bike racing and long-distance running and is going more and more popular in Europe.

– What do you cognize about the Olympic games?

– The history of the Olympic games dates back to Ancient Greece. Harmonizing to the fable Hercules was the laminitis of the first Olympic Games. An athletic festival with competitions in music and poesy began to pull the Greeks I

n the eighth century. The twelvemonth 776 BC was established by history as the first day of the month of the recorded Olympiad. The Olympic Games were held every five old ages. Peoples dated events by the Olympiads throughout ancient period. The jocks competed in running, pugilism, wrestle, Equus caballus and chariot racing. The victors were given laurel garlands. Harmonizing to the regulations established at Olympia all belligerencies between warring provinces ceased for the continuance of the Olympiad. The armistice was universally respected and no Grecian province could interrupt it. In the class of clip the festival became so popular that non merely athletes competed for the Crown of wild olive but creative persons, poets, philosophers, speechmakers and historiographers, were seeking to make immortal plants dedicated to the integrity and luster of Hellenic civilisation. The prestigiousness and glare of the Olympic Games was so great that other Panhellenic festivals were instituted two centuries later – the Pythian ( 590 BC ) , the Isthmian ( 580 BC ) , the Nemean ( 573 BC ) , in honor of Apollo, Poseidon and Zeus severally. The Olympic Games were held for about 12 centuries and were abolished in 394 Ad by Theodosius I, the Christian Emperor, on the land of their heathen beginning. At the terminal of the 19-th century Baron Pierre de Coubertin revived them. In 1894 he addressed the International Congress of Athletes stressing the importance of athleticss in the peoples ‘ life. The first modem Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896 to mean the sequence of the tradition. Since so the Games have been on a regular basis held in different states of the universe.

– What organic structure controls the programme of the Olympic games?

– The International Olympic Committee is responsible for the programme, the figure of the participants and the city-host for the Games.

– When did Russia fall in the Olympic motion?

– Our state foremost participated in the 1952 Summer and 1956 Winter Olympic Games. The accomplishments of our jocks in the Olympic Games were a beginning of great national pride. Although jocks were technically amateurs, they were good supported by the Sports State Committee. In ice hockey, volleyball, hoops, gymnastic exercises, track-and-field jocks, weight lifting, wrestle, and packaging our state was among the best in the universe. At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics the squad of our state won 45 gold decorations.


Sport is really of import in our life. It is popular among immature and old people.

Many people do forenoon exercisings, jog in the forenoon, train themselves in nines, in different subdivisions and take portion in athletics competitions.

Other people like athleticss excessively, but they merely watch athleticss games, listen to athleticss intelligence. They prefer reading interesting narratives about sportswomans. But they do n’t travel in for athleticss.

Physical preparation is an of import topic at school. Students have got physical preparation lessons twice a hebdomad. Boys and misss play volley-ball and basket-ball at the lessons. There is a athleticss land near our school and school-children go in for athleticss in the unfastened air.

A batch of different competitions are held at schools, a great figure of students take portion in them. All participants try to acquire good consequences and become victors. Sport helps people to maintain in good wellness. If you go in for athleticss, you have good wellness and do n’t catch cold.

Children and grown-ups must take attention of their wellness and do forenoon exercisings on a regular basis.

There are some popular sorts of athleticss in our state: football, volley-ball, hockey, gymnastic exercises, skiing, skating. Athletics is one of the most popular sorts of athleticss. It includes such sorts of athleticss as running, jumping and others. Everybody may take the athletics he ( or she ) is interested in.

There are summer and winter athleticss.

My favorite athletics is swimming. I go to the swimming-pool twice a hebdomad. But I prefer to rest by the lake or the river and swim at that place.

My friend Kostya goes in for pugilism, He is a good pugilist and he is a brave and brave male child. His avocation helps him in his mundane life.

We must talk about the Highland Games in Scotland. All rivals wear Highland frock. There are such competitions as seting the weight, fliping the caber and others. The English are great lovers of athleticss.

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