Sports Bar Management

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the education of business managers, focusing primarily on managers of sports bars.

This paper presents a look at the education of business managers. The author focuses on the management of a sports bar and details the reasons the management team would do a better job if it were better educated in marketing, advertising, inventory control, and employee relations.
“”The business world is a booming industry. We have seen many changes over the last few decades and the economic slow down of late is promising to bring more changes still. One of the most important elements of a business and its success failure is the management team that runs the establishment. The management can make or break a place just by the way its run. In a sports bar there are many things to consider when it comes to the practices of running it. Because it is a place that the public comes to spend time there are things that are unique to it. In addition it is a place where in general young people are hired to perform the tasks required to run the business. All of these things mean that the management team needs to be on top of things all of the time. The more educated the management team is individually the more efficiently the business is going to run and the more profitable the bottom line will be.”
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